What is real Hip Hop?

Is there such a thing as real Hip Hop? One of the most, interesting, passionate and heated conversations out there, is what is considered HIP HOP . And while there is no right or wrong answer, whatever answer that is giving could possibly lead to someone being stabbed.real_hip_hop...

In one corner you have those (like me) that grew up during Hip Hop’s golden are 88 – 96, that frown upon what’s being passed off as Hip Hop these days. In the other corner you have the youngins that may not know about the golden era, (unless they heard about it from their older siblings) or Hip Hop’s early days, making music that relates to them.

And that’s where’s the disconnect comes in. The older generation feels like the younger generation doesn’t respect the origins of Hip Hop. And the younger generation feels like the older generation blames them for what we feel is a decline in music as well as everything that’s wrong.

I love the early days of Hip Hop, I think that is when Hip Hop was at its truest and purest form. But I also believe the older generation could lighten up blaming the kids of today. They are making music that they like to hear, not for out mid-thirties to 40 year old ears.

While I am somewhere in the middle, IMO I don’t think there is such a thing a real Hip Hop. Each generation has their own idea of what Hip Hop is. Try telling some who is born in 1997 about Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5 and they’ll probably give you a blank stare.

This is no different than me not knowing who the hottest new “Lil” __ is. After all today’s artists are making music that is reflective of their generation and not mine, and that’s ok. Acts like Public Enemy, NWA and LL Cool J did same thing.

The only difference is the attitudes are different, instead of social political awareness; rappers of today are “turning up. Instead of unity today’s rappers are internet beefing and popping molly’s. It’s not fair to say that all of the newer rappers are like this. But because of what’s been pushed on the masses, through mainstream radio, you would think that today’s rappers are trying to out “ignorant each other” while creating drug abusing zombies out of their fan base

Now for those of us born in the 70’s and early 80’s our idea of Hip Hop starts and pretty much ends with the golden era. We believe that after say 98, the quality of hip hop has been on a sharp decline, whether that’s true or not, that’s an opinion that those of us who actually grew up with Hip Hop feel.

One thing we have to understand is that this is the newer generation’s time. I don’t expect someone younger than 20 to make music for someone who is 38. That’s impossible. Just like our parents talked down on Hip Hop in its earliest stages, calling that it a fad that wouldn’t last. That didn’t deter of from listening, loving and following Hip Hop. The same goes for what’s being made by today’s mainstream rappers. I may not be our idea of Hip Hop but for better or for worse it’s today’s generation’s idea of Hip Hop.

What do you think? I am I wrong? Do you think that there is one universal brand of Hip Hop?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy 5 Freddy.

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