Love Me Not

Stop that girl

She just stole my kiss

As I spoke her name she fled.

I watched it spill from your lips

I thought it was fair game

Opened the door to this dragon’s keep

Worth the effort to maintain

Faith in

Holding down the thoughts of uncertainty

Transcribed in text what’s hurting me?

I certainly don’t want the time wasted

So I haste to the door

Seed planted

I now proceed to the threshing floor

What do you do with all the thoughts of someone and you can’t speak to them.

Not because of any indifferences or relationship complications but because of balance. There is a balance within every relationship that has to be maintained.

When you think about it on a larger scale. It’s like simple respect of person now that I think about it. Be it an intimate relationship or a stranger on the street there is a balance. Learning the person, in 30 seconds or 30 years requires intuitiveness and respect.

If a person is in the friend zone or a co worker or a best friend who just isn’t ready to hear the truth regardless of the situation when the titles are dropped you have to respect the person’s position in your world.

Trying to change it is sometimes costly. So you wait for the open door.

Virtue #12

Rashi Sosa

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