The Pied Piper of RnB???

Let me be clear, I am a fan of R. Kelly’s music especially his pre – Double Up albums and his latest two, which had a 70’s groove to them. But just like a scorpion stinging someone that may have nursed it from the brink of death, R. Kelly is showing his true nature, while being back on his sexual shit.

Damn Pied Piper, you fell off.  What happened?
Damn Pied Piper, you fell off. What happened?

But this time around, after glancing at the song titles on his latest album Black Panties Kelly is more of a deviant than just plain sexual. I’m not sure if I’m looking at the production credits of a Kapri Stylez or a Jada Fire flick – don’t judge me. With songs like Marry the P^ssy, Tear It Up and Show Ya P*ssy you would think they were lines from a porn flick.

I can’t speak for the few R. Kelly fans that stuck it out with him during his trial (I saw the tape, it was him) but musically I was rooting for him and even wished that he would get back on his 12 play shit, minus the Trapped In the Closet’s. Even though some people either have a hard time or just refuse to separate the man from the music, this was never a problem for me.

As selfish as it sounds, I cared more for his music than him personally, while secretly envious of his marriage to Aaliyah. While the word genius is thrown around a lot these days, I likened Kelly a throwback to some of (real) RnB’s greatest. For me Kelly was my generation’s Teddy Pendergrass, able to walk the fine line of spiritual and sexual like Marvin Gaye, with the story telling ability of Bobby Womack.

So it wasn’t much of a stretch for me to consider him a genius once upon a time, hell even Michael Jackson tapped him to write “You are not alone”, which also speaks to his genius.

But like I said some people cannot/refuse to look past his made for TV sexual history, and that’s ok. Basically either you love him, hate him or hate him while secretly loving his earlier music.

Since I live in a glass house, I don’t throw stones. So my reservation’s regarding Kelly is his insistence on acting like the dirty old man in the club, while making music for 20 year old’s that like to turn up. While there is nothing wrong with turning up, Kelly is 46 years old and acting like an inmate fresh out of jail, trying to hump everything in sight.

What happened to the man that made “Seems Like Your Body is Ready”, Down Low, Fiesta and Stepping In The Name of Love and? Songs that evoked a wide range of emotions, from sexual to happiness. All we have now is a shell of his former self making songs that evoke straight f#cking.

As a fan I am left scratching my head trying to figure out when did R. Kelly devolve? Instead of riding with him, like I did in the past, I now wonder if I can support someone who seems hell bent on acting like someone he would probably warn his own daughter’s against.

Due to his musical genius R. Kelly can make albums like Love Letter, Write me Back and then turn around and make a Black Panties, which perplexes me. I just wish he would stick to one script or the other, that way I’ll know if I need to continue riding the train or get off. I wonder if I’ve seen the last of one of my favorite RnB artists of all the time.

What do you think? Is the old R. Kelly gone forever? Do you even care?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Cornelius.

9 thoughts on “The Pied Piper of RnB???

  1. I stopped cutting for R. Kelly when he said, “Well, define teenage.” From that moment on he has been nothing but a pedophile in my eyes. And the same goes for Michael Jackson. It baffles me how people seem to be able to turn a blind eye to certain peoples defiant behavior but at the same time can’t seem to accept another persons small character flaw (Yeezy’s perceived arrogance for instance). People are ok with writing Kanye West off simply because be brought a “white Jesus” out during his concert, but continue to tolerate a known pedophile because his music is catchy? There is something seriously wrong with that train of thought.

    1. I understand where you are coming from. The last R. Kelly album that I actually paid for was the Steppers album.

      I am a firm believer in live and let live and that now sin or mistake is greater than the next. Now that doesn’t mean that I think that he can’t do any wrong or that I follow him blindly.

      As a music fan I have expectations and frankly he hasn’t been meeting those expectations lately. I admit it is hard for me to listen to his old stuff while knowing is sexual past.

      I know that one day I am going to have to make a decision to either continuing listening to his older music or stop f&cking with him altogether.

      I can also say that I am guilty of “tolerating” someone’s flaws, while not tolerating another person’s. I guess we all decide what we are willing to put up with and from whom.

  2. Great insight breazy! I, for one, do feel uncomfortable that I jam to some if his music, knowing his penchant for underage girls. An interesting take is that this new album may be his attempt at re-creating 12 Play. It was a very sexualized album back then, but we were all into it. Now that we have this knowledge of his preferences, the same type of album just seems wrong.

    1. It wouldn’t be a problem if he was making music for and talking to women in his age range. Since he’s not, he’s like that dirty old man in the retirement home, always asking younger women for hugs and to sit on his lap.

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