This Can’t Be Life Can It???

Stop me if you heard this one before… Sharkeshia.  I wonder if she was conceived while her parents were watching Deep Blue Sea? If so, then I can see why they did the nasty, that shit was so horrible.  Anyhoo, Sharkeshia and someone named Shamichail were involved in the most one-sided fight since Robin Givens turned Mike Tyson from Ironman into Snuggles, the bounty soft mascot. I stumbled across the story because it has been circulating the Internet streets more than Rihanna at a YMCMB/Chris Brown after party – shade thrown, throw it up, throw it.

When did it become acceptable, to laugh at someone else's humiliation?
When did it become acceptable to laugh at someone else’s humiliation?

The reason why I am even writing about the incident is because of the re-tweeting and re-posting of the MMA fight equivalent. Before I proceed, let me make known that I do not mean to further humiliate or make fun of Shamichail, in any shape, fashion, or form. Back to the lecture at hand. First of all, the name Sharkeisha brings to my mind a stripper named Obsession from New Orleans, or a girl fighting over her baby daddy. Generalizing? Maybe, but what do you expect from a person named Sharkeshia? Needless to say, I was a third of the way right.  She’s not a stripper (mamas, don’t let your kids grow up to be strippers named Obsession), though I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes one; and as far as I know, she doesn’t have a baby daddy. Oh and the other person named Shamichail (I can’t make this shit up even if I tried), I imagined her to be a Target cashier.

But back to the reason why I am even writing about the incident. Has the younger generation become so desensitized and heartless that they think it is funny to share and re-share with the world someone else’s humiliation? First, the Fat Boys break up, then we want to get mad at others for twerking as if we own the patent, and now kids are laughing while sitting with a tub of popcorn at someone getting stomped out. I know Q, the CEO of World Star Hip Hop, is kicking himself for not having posted the video first, since they get off on coonery and ass clapping.

By doing this, we are nothing more than amused spectators at a coliseum cheering on Gladiators who are fighting to the death.  Truth be told, I’m sure most of the kids who find this funny and are sharing and liking the video wouldn’t want people to find amusement in their humiliation. It wouldn’t be completely fair to say that there is a disconnect between our  generation and the one behind us. I can’t put all the blame on the younger generation, while some of us who are living in a Peter Pan state laughed at and shared the video I’m sure – talking about the blind leading the blind.

Babies who are having babies are unable to educate or shun laughing at another’s  pain since more than likely, they are doing it themselves. Also, sites like World Star Hip Hop provide a platform with a built-in audience. The aggressor and the person taping can become overnight celebrities, while the victim will become infamous due to his/her humiliation.

What do you think? Have we become so bored or numb to other’s feelings that we think it’s a source of amusement?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Hun

One thought on “This Can’t Be Life Can It???

  1. First off I’d like to know who thought of these kids names?

    And yes this is just sad. Not a fair one at all. Sure you can get a good hit off it the person on the receiving end isn’t expecting it.

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