Sext Messages: Why Smart Phones and Social Media Have Ruined Relationships

Awhile back, a guy I was dating sent me a picture of his junk with a hat on it. No, not a condom “hat” to show me he was pro-protection, but it was an actual photograph of him standing in his bathroom completely naked, with an Atlanta Braves snapback balancing on his special place. Needless to say, we stopped dating.

If picture messaging was never invented, I would have never seen this man’s private area so quickly. Along normal lines, he has to take me out on several dates, profess his love for me and my natural hair and my interracial posse, and then buy me mozzarella sticks before anyone’s pants will unzip. But this Major Leaguer had an iPhone. And huge balls. Not literally as in I saw them, I mean had courage to, well, whatever. You know what I mean…

What upsets me the most is that he felt that it was okay to send me a picture like that. As if I was going to open it up and start celebrating that I received this very special gift. Now, homeboy felt that he could do this because he probably did it before and some crazy chick was elated. Not this woman right here. I’m sorry if I still want to go the traditional route to love. Which I am convinced has been ruined by Blackberrys, iPhones, GalaxyS3s, Facebook, and Instagram. And let me tell you why.

Remember when you liked a boy in high school? Before cell phones were a thing? Either you had to get a friend to drop in his ear that you liked him and got his number for you, or you hoped that he would ask you for yours. Digits would be scribbled on a piece of paper, and then you rush off to a corner in your room or a desolate pay phone and talk for 6 hours about nothing. You end up going on a movie date, and eventually a few more. An eternity seems to pass by between dates, and your only communication is through awkward phone calls and stolen moments in the hallways. There will even be a few trips around the bases. You might even end up with a boyfriend.

Nowadays? Doesn’t really happen that way. You meet a guy?  It could be in person or online. And not just online dating. You could meet a person by ‘following” someone on Instagram or Twitter. Even if you meet a man in person, how does he communicate?  VIA TEXT.:



Goodnight sweetie.

Thinking about you.

😉 .

When can I take you out?

These gems are sent 20 times a day, instead of making an ACTUAL PHONE CALL. Texting is the kill shot that has murdered many a union. Emotions cannot be interpreted through your cell phone. We’re mad when you don’t text all day, and sad if you don’t pick up the phone. Why didn’t you respond to our last few messages?  Are you cheating? Were you in an accident? Do you not like us anymore??????? Was it something I TYPED???? I know what I’ll do, let me send you a picture of my rack…

WTF?  When did it become acceptable to do this in the dating world?  Well, at some point, women ( and men) accepted it as ok. We became blind to the fact that this is not the proper way to “court” a woman. As women, we have forgotten that a man should put in maximum effort to date us. And direct messaging me on Twitter 50 times does not count.

Who’s to blame? Women? Men? Social media? What do you think? Are you okay with a text-relationship?  Has the romance died by way of the keyboard and camera phone? Are you offended if a man/woman sends you a picture of their goodies as a pick-up line?  I say only if the  pic is pretty awesome…

8 thoughts on “Sext Messages: Why Smart Phones and Social Media Have Ruined Relationships

  1. We can text, but we also need to be able to talk on the phone and face to face. Everything aint for a text message.

  2. Ha, funny post. I will say, the convenience of smart phones has made it relatively easy to block folks for sending unsolicited sexts and penis pics. Lol. I’ll always be thankful for that option. But I’m def *not* keen on receiving eleventy millions texts in one day, when a quick, 30-45 min phone call will suffice. I’ve had to pass on second dates, because of those excessive texts and unwanted penis pics… and by ‘pass’ I mean hurriedly block all contact. :-\

  3. Who’s to blame? Women? Men? neither. men do what women let them get away with.
    What do you think? i agree.

    Are you okay with a text-relationship? no. but i’ve learned to adapt.

    Has the romance died by way of the keyboard and camera phone? ask me again when i get into an actual relationship. has it changed courting? yes.

    Are you offended if a man/woman sends you a picture of their goodies as a pick-up line? only if i didnt request it, let you know thats something i’d want to see.

    good post.

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