“Medocrity beseechth me like a pack of wild hounds”…me

My first of many quotes of me from me. What makes this one so special. I actually sat down and wrote it. Nonverbal communication if you will, monumental feat for yours truly. Yet that is not the point. The point is, what is the reason behind this thought this resolve of the moment that you are in.

Panoramic viewing. Two rows back. Three to the right. Not nosebleed but definitely blurry without glasses.

Event. Life. When you realize what it is and your purpose. You desire a closer seat. Currency of time is the only payment for a clearier picture . So I fast forward to now.

One of my favorite artist, Big Gipp, originated the phrase but used “boredom” in the place of “mediocrity.” Now when you stop and think about it, can you imagine a pack of wild hounds eating or chasing you. Goodness, and boredum is the culprit for the frenzy. That’s serious and a specatular use of wordplay. Same intensity just different word which changes the context in which it is used.

As a parent I am required by law of the land and God to uphold the respect and best intrest of my child. Scene 1 Act 3: Enter Public School System

Im the parent at the conferences and volunteering in the classroom. Im required to interact with the “Qwerty parent” and teacher.

I remember when I was in undergrad, and people would change their major from engineering, pre med, and school of business to go to education. Many for alotof valid reason. Some had the talent, other just knew they had to get out in a timely manner and going home without a degree was not an option.

Now it seems it is turning in a free for all. The flunky position of being an educator has back fired on us. The half ass intellect and interest in our children has turned into a joke, just like the new HIP HOP.

Here is a PSA: if you have a friend that is an educator and they let it be known that its just a job, a check or simply a means until they get enough money to finish their “demo tape,” please do the world a favor and tell them to quit. they are truly fuckin up the game.

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