In Living Color.

Have you ever gotten into a debate over the complexion of an actor, athlete, crack head or maybe a friend? If so can you say why the debate about someone’s complexion even started? Why was it so important to debate whether or not someone is actually closer to lightened almond than to caramel? Hell, can you even say how the conversation started? Where you sitting around with a group of friends watching The Best Man Holiday and commented how Nia Long is attractive for a dark skinned sista (which is a dumb statement, she’s beautiful no matter her complexion), while someone chimed in saying she’s not dark, she’s brown skinned?black%20and%20brown%20women[1]

Whether or not the last question actually happened, you my friend are color struck, shocking I know. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve never met across someone younger than 60 and living outside of the south that was purposely color struck. Besides a lot of us are color struck, we just may not be aware of it and that’s ok too. It’s not like we’re walking around with brown paper bags in our back pocket, looking to throw a challenge flag whenever we come across someone who is lighter than Trinidad James. And being color struck isn’t a bad thing, while someone may see blue black, someone else may see more of a chestnut color, but neither is meant to be a put down.

But why all the debates? I know I am not the only one who has participated in a debate over someone else’s complexion; usually I’m not the one that starts the conversations since I only recognize dark, brown, caramel and light skinned as being complexions. And I am sure that my view of the color spectrum is just as ignorant as someone who thinks light, bright and almost white is better than all the other “African American” complexions. And I’m ok with that, you see when I look at another African American, there complexion is so far from my mind that’s not even an issue.

While some may prefer to date a certain shade of brown, me being a true non-discriminate man that I am I don’t care where you fall within the darker side of the rainbow (taste the rainbow) especially if you are giving up the nappy dugout compatible and down to earth.

I know that it’s easy to blame mainstream media, Hollywood and Niki Minaj for the constant portrayals of what they think is the standard of beauty, as a culprit for the war of the complexions amongst the African Americans. But the truth is we’ve had this internal conflict long before technology, Elle magazine and a fake rapping Barbie.

What do you think? Have you ever bad debates/conversation based on complexion? How important is complexion to you? Do you or have you ever based your decisions on skin complexion.

Talk to me I’ll talk back.

Huey B. Taylor

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