Lack of Oxygen : Artificial Respiration:: CPR:

Today’s post comes from brand new inductee into the Corner Politics family, Rashi Sosa. You can look for her to post here regularly under her Soapboxtheorist handle. Since you know how we do, let’s show her love, like a fat kid loves cake.

Today I resolved that somethings don’t deserve oxygen. I have some things in my life that I have on life support. Some things I let them smoke it out and black their lungs. Somethings I revive and then hurriedly escort to its timely death. Yet today I realized that there are some things I just want to suffocate. Not with the use of a verb but with silence. Non movement. Playing dead if you will to a situation. It is these situations and moment based incidents that require you to either react or respond yet ultimately assign a resolution. The responding requires a recess in most incidences with a re-summation at a later date. Reacting just requires the push of a button. The response happens during the count to ten the long way”…one..two..three..” The resolution happens in the reflection of the incident.

Your mental agility and relationship with the Most High I think plays a big part in which your choose.

Wisdom and understanding affords for the agility, yet Elohim is the internal translator for the Word which holds both.

So let me say that I did not read this morning. This resolution was after I used some reserve to quietly recess for a moment. Children are a blessing. In your efforts to help them grow you are the one that is really suppose to grow.. Woork.

So in an effort to fine tune my frequency within my internal translator and remove emotion from a situation.

The second mantra—tamaso ma jyotirgamaya—means “Lead me from darkness to light.” When the Vedas refer to darkness and light, they mean ignorance and knowledge, respectfully. This is so because ignorance, like darkness, obscures true understanding.

And in the same way that the only remedy for darkness is light, the only remedy for ignorance is knowledge. The knowledge spoken of here is again the knowledge of one’s true nature.

Peace, love and Soul.

Rashi Sosa

One thought on “Lack of Oxygen : Artificial Respiration:: CPR:

  1. “Children are a blessing. In your efforts to help them grow you are the one that is really suppose to grow” I LOVE this statement 🙂
    Interesting, spirit driven piece. Great read to start the morning!

    Apathy is the death of the soul, I truly believe that.

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