I Don’t Really Wanna Stay, Don’t Really Wanna Go. Can We Get It Together?

After chopping it up with my barber at the black man’s country club aka the black barbershop and partaking in one of our conversations that should have its own channel, seriously only in the barbershop can you not only talk as much shit as you wanted, but if VHI and Bravo were around they would probably hand you a contract on site. But any way, you look like a fast n*gga, this particular conversation was somewhat subdued, well at least by barbershop standards, you see my barber and good friend was having a little dilemma. He has reached a point with his business partner where he’ll either have to stop, stay or go.

What do you do, when you've come to a fork in the road?
What do you do, when you’ve come to a fork in the road?

To give you a little background, my friend/barber is part owner of the shop that I go to and is a forward and progressive thinker. I mean not only is he a barber, he is also a visionary with a ideas upon ideas on how to take barbering and owning a new shop to heights that most shops would never think of. The problem is, his business partner is basically the money man, he has no vision or idea how to run the shop; all he knows is to sign the checks. While sometimes this wouldn’t be a bad thing since my friend knows the ins and outs of running a shop, in this instance it is. It’s also kind of like telling Shawty Lo he needs to get snipped, as much of a good idea that is, he just won’t get it.

So my friend is basically banging his head against a brick wall. He has ideas how to not only bring in more money, but how to create an empire sort of speak. But again his partner can’t see past tomorrow, instead of spending a little more for better promotion and advertising the partner would rather spend the bare minimum and just list the phone number in the phone book, (who the hell still uses the phonebook)? Oh and don’t mention the internet to him, he’d look at you like you were Drake at a Wu-Tang concert – suspect as hell.

So after listening to all of this, I started thinking how many times during our personal or professional lives are we ready to move to the next plateau(s) but our partner is either scared of taking a chance, scared of change or is just content just doing? How many times have you wanted to slap Phaedra’s Donkey booty because you were so frustrated of trying to bring someone with you into the 21st century when all they wanted to do was go back in the 20th? Oh and that’s not to say anything about people that if it doesn’t make sense to them or if something doesn’t fit into a box that they are use to, you’d be wasting your breath trying to make them see the future.

What do you do, especially if your partner is a lifelong friend or s/o? Do you risk your friendship, business relationship to intimate relationship for the sake of advancement, even if you know it would be better for everybody involved? Or do you throw your hands up and give up on trying to improve for the sake of keeping the piece or the relationship alive. But by doing the latter could you be setting you and the other person up because of any resentment towards them that may arise?
Talk to me, I’ll talk back.
The Narrator Breazy.

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Really Wanna Stay, Don’t Really Wanna Go. Can We Get It Together?

  1. Tough spot, few people like to stand in the same spot forever. Progression and building are always the way. I say he needs to sit down with his partner and let him know how he feels, and that if he isn’t about to push for bigger and better than he must exit stage left and move on.

    If he doesn’t he will resent this friend.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am in complete agreement with you. I think the problem is my friend really loves the shop and has eyes toward the future. I told him the same thing and while he is no punk that easily backs down, you can tell that he wants to be there. I guess in the end there is always going to be a loser.

  2. Been there done that! Unfortunately giving into the desires of someone else will leave you living a life of resentment over the “road not taken”. whether you mean to or not it is something that you will secretly never be able to get out of your mind!

    1. I understand. I also told him sometimes being selfish isn’t a bad thing, either he can “wish” or he can do. It’s not is fault that his partner doesn’t want to progress.

  3. At a certain point, if you feel you aren’t growing as an enterprise, and that this partner is holding you back, you may have to man up and make the next move. This is why its a gamble to bring feelings into business. If you miss out on an opportunity because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, you may screw yourself in the end.

    1. Like that old cliche, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. It’s not my friend’s fault that his partner lacks vision, the problem is he’s more loyal to the shop. Since becoming a part owner, my friend is putting his stamp on the shop (the previous owner didn’t do shit) and he’s starting to see the fruit of his labor. So it’s kind of like it’s his baby, but I told him sometimes you have to cut your loses while you can.

  4. Breazy,

    Tell your friend I said the greater the risk, the greater the rewards. There are others who will invest in his vision. He just has to sell his dream and make it into a reality by creating a plan and executing it. Once he finds new investors he can take his dream to greater heights and sore amongst those who dare to take a leap forward. He can do it! Tell him, JUST BELIEVE!

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