Rep Yo City!

You know? When I first moved to the DC area, I assumed everybody that lived here that is a football fan, was a Redskins (I hate typing that word) fan, boy was I wrong. Boy was I wrong; it wasn’t until the Comcast installer hipped me to what I call “hometown team denial”. As he pulled up to my house with a Dallas Cowboys sticker on his van, I incorrectly assumed he was from Dallas, I mean why else would anybody that lives in the area be a Cowboys fan? After chopping it up with him for a while he informed me that a lot of born and raised DMVer’s are Cowboys, so much in fact there are probably more Cowboys fans that Washington fans.

Rep Yo City!
Rep Yo City!

Now this was a shock to me in a I’m shocked Chris Bosh hasn’t come out the closet yet kind of way, I’ve never heard of natural born citizens hating the home team while loving a rival team. You see being from Denver, where majority of the football fans are Broncos fans, it’s unheard of for residents that were born there to be Oakland/LA Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, and San Diego Chargers and for those of you old enough to remember that the Seattle Seahawks use to be in the AFC, Seahawks fans.

That’s not to say that everybody that was/is born in raised in Denver is a Broncos fan; those that aren’t have sense enough to not like the inner division rival. One of my best friends growing up was/is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, so it’s possible. The only people that like the other 3 divisional rival teams are from those cities and moved to Denver, besides Colorado and Kansas are Border States and people move back and forth in between Denver and Kansas City.

But back to my astonishment about the fact that there are so many Cowboys fans that are from and still live here. To keep it one hundred thousand trillion, that is fake to me, not like Beyonce’s lace fronts but fake nevertheless. After the Comcast installer explained the history about why so many blacks don’t like the Washington team I understood. Well I understood why someone in the late 50’s and older would feel some way about a team that was the last to have black players (besides their name is Redskins) but it still didn’t make sense to me why some 35 or younger would have hate the hometown team.

I understand some of our likes and dislikes are learned from the older generation but my father wasn’t a Broncos fan (he had enough sense not to say it out loud though) and I am a lifelong fan, so that point has no validity. I bet half of the people that are born and raised here that are Cowboys fans haven’t gone farther south than Virginia let alone Dallas. I’ve talked to people that live here that are from Dallas and they laugh at all the Cowboy fans here. So again the fact that there are so many Cowboy fans here is phony to me.

Well that’s my opinion, it may not be popular and may even offend some of my readers, but hey it’s my party, I can cry if I want to.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Cosell

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