Aint Nobody Come To See You Otis.

Whether it was actually said or not, one of the funniest lines quoted in the Temptations, made for TV movie was “Aint Nobody Coming To See You Otis”. Oh the irony this was supposedly said to one of the only living and founding membesr of the Temptation Otis Williams by David Ruffin after he ran up on stage while the Temptations were performing after he was kicked out the group. The reason why it’s so ironic is because even though Otis Williams was/is the OG Bobby Johnson of the Temptations, he was more of a bit player than a leading actor, while David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks were the main draw, Otis William still included this line in the book that would be made into the Temptations movie.

If someone said this to me, I'd ready to stab him/her after crying.
If someone said this to me, I’d ready to stab him/her after crying.

So this line has got me to thinking about other minor players in RnB or Hip Hop groups that if it wasn’t due to their looks, banging someone’s sister or being family more than likely wouldn’t have made it into the group. So of course being the list maker that I am and non stop thinker, I decided to compile a list of people that “Nobody came to see” while their more famous family members or band mates got all the shine.

I present to you “Aint Nobody Come To See Your Bum Ass” list of people that were in the right place at the right time.

Vinnie – Vin Rock – Naughty By Nature.

Just what exactly was Vinnie’s role in Naughty By Nature? Treach was the lead MC, Kaygee was the DJ and producer and Vinnie was what? The weed Carrier? I understand they all came together after growing up together in Illtown New Jersey, but other than childhood friendship what significance did Vin Rock play? Besides it’s rumored that Treach wrote the few lyrics that Vinnie was allowed to spit.

Mr. Dalvin – Jodeci

I understand a lot of women found Mr. Dalvin attractive, and other than the 2 – 3 songs that he produced on each Jodeci album, I still don’t understand his purpose in the group. Hell neither his name nor initials made it into the name Jodeci and if it wasn’t for his relation to DeVante Swing, I doubt he would even be included in the group. There is a reason why K-Ci and Jo Jo were the lead singers, has anybody heard Mr. Dalvin’s Why Can’t We? I didn’t think so, he better stick to those P90X instructional workout videos.

Damion Hall aka Crazy Legs – Guy.

There was a reason why Tim Gatling appeared on Guy’s first album and not Damian Hall. Gatling actually sung on the album, while Damion was a throw in after Gatling left after the release of the debut album. While Teddy has gone on to become one of the best producers due to his signature New Jack Swing style and his brother Aaron providing the lead vocals, all Damion did was dance, I’ll let that sink in….


No matter what Cassie does, she is straight, being Diddy’s side piece and all. Because let’s be honest she can’t sing, hell Ashanti imitating Ja Rule, sounds better than Cassie. Cassie doesn’t even need to release another record, especially if Diddy puts a bun in her oven, since he has been known to pay $30,000 and more in Child support a month. All she has to do is pretend to sing hooks and show Diddy how she takes that, takes that, takes that.

Memphis Bleek.

All I have to say is that no matter what he’s in Jay-Z’s will somewhere, which is actually a good thing, because dude sucked more than Karrine Steffans at All Star weekend.

Honorable Mentions.
Da Band
Danity Kane
Ronnie Devoe
Michael Bivins.

That’s it, that’s all the weed carriers, side pieces and family members that I can think of. Did I miss anyone?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Gordy.

9 thoughts on “Aint Nobody Come To See You Otis.

  1. come to find out Vin Rock was the man behind the Name and paperwork of Naughty by Nature. Him and Treach had a falling out earlier this year because of some business discrepancies. Treach made a song about it, but no one really cared.

  2. is cassie really a side piece though… she seems like a main chick to me…

    oh i agree about all those people…

  3. Breazy,
    Let me say something for your consideration. If you look at most singing groups back in the day, very few of them could sing lead or second lead. To have 4 or 5 guys committed to being at practice & or on time, staying committed in spite of a girlfriends wishes or jealousy of attention from other girls, lots of distractions from the hard work of practicing of getting better with the scant hope of developing a career is more than a notion. And…it requires all in the group to be there for the others.
    I am not an Otis Williams fan but he served his purpose in the group and the group is still singing. I and many others from back in the day were Temptation fans, loved David Ruffin, thought I sounded just like him, and loved Eddie Kendrick, loved the Temptations style period. I’ve been in singing groups that didn’t last a week. The group as a whole is what drew people to the Temps. Their style of dress, choreography, sound, and that music ruled the day of singing groups. Otis did not just happen to be in the right place at the right time, he contributed to holding that legendary group together. At least give him that. I’m just saying. Codis Hampton II

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