Fame, I Want To Live Forever.

What do Gucci Mane, T.I, ODB (RIP), Ras Kass, Lindsey Lohan and Chris Brown all have in common? You give up?? They all can’t seem to keep their asses out of jail. Everybody’s favorite dancing Badboy – no Diddy, (take that, take that, take that) is back in his home away from once again, for punching male fan; it seems not only does Chris like wearing the country blues, but he also has a mean right hook, no Tyson.

Don't let the light skin fool you, I will hit you.
Don’t let the light skin fool you, I will hit you.

If you read Brown’s rap sheet and then closed your eyes, you would think he was a gangsta rapper in training or at the very least Bonnie to Chief Keef’s Clyde. What’s even more perplexing is, it seems that he is trying to do everything he possibly can to throw everything away, and for what? To prove that he’s more than just a Leroy Johnson clone? Don’t let the dancing fool you, Chris Brown will put them thangs on you.

I know that Brown is easy prey and that everything he does is under a microscope and may even be blown out of proportion and this latest incident is probably no different, he may not have been the aggressor. But whatever the case may be it’s all due to his celebrity and past, damn can’t a brotha live? While all that is good and all it’s no one’s fault but his. No one told him to go all Daniel-son on Rihanna or to buck on Robin Roberts (who for my money would wax the floor with him), leave the scene after a hit and run accident, throw bottles a drake at a club, resulting in the weakest beef in the history of beefs. btw if Drake gets hit in the head with a bottle and no one is around, does he cry? I’m sure he does, he’d probably make a song titled “Marvin’s Bottle” or some shit like that.

Back to the lecture at hand, even though things may not always be what they appear when it comes to Chris Brown, one thing is constant, because of his past and the fact he has a penchant for getting in trouble, whether it’s wrong place at the wrong time or not, he seems to make bad decisions.

Or maybe he just has the wrong people in his ear and regardless of what’s being told to him, all publicity isn’t good publicity. You can see the natural progression or perhaps regression from early in his career. It seemed like overnight he went from being the young upstart with a bright future to being a tattooed hoodlum with little respect for others. And this leads me to believe that this sudden transformation was done knowingly almost as if it was concocted to drum up press and publicity. If that’s the case then he really needs to get those un-loyal n*ggas out of his circle, they clearly don’t care about him beyond being their meal ticket.

Now I’m not here to lecture – papa don’t preach, I was 24 once and thought I was invincible just like I’m sure he does. But as I got older I put away childish things and realized my mortality and started moving wiser. Which wasn’t always the case, without going into details, your boy was draped in the county blues, in my earlier 20’s, with the possibility of looking at football number years, and I don’t mean 3 like a field goal. So I know all too well the repercussions of making a brash or the wrong decision.

I believe in live and let live but I also believe that people should pay for what they’ve done, ask for forgiveness and if sincere should be given another chance. I just don’t want to see someone so young throw it all away because of bad advice or for trying to be something that he is not.

What do you think? Do you think Chris Brown is falling the Mike Tyson plan on how to mess everything up? Can he still be gotten through to? Or do you think it’s too late?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Cornelius?

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