The Passion of Ruckus.

If you’ve noticed I’ve been doing a lot more political posts than I have in the past. Well that’s because in the current political climate, there is loads of material for me to right about. With both parties acting like kids fighting over who gets to play with the Tonka truck, regular people taking their frustrations out and literally “shooting up the place” as was the case two weeks ago and now Tea party member declaring “America Needs a White Republican President”.

I think he would agree with Kevin Jackson.
I think he would agree with Kevin Jackson.

Now this may not be a shock to some since we know there is no such thing as a post-racial society and that racism is very much alive and well. But what may be surprising is the person that made this statement is black 0_o. Yep you read that correctly, Kevin Jackson the writer of The Black Sphere blog where he describes his self as an “Offender of the Left” sworn to set the record straight on the destruction by Democrats to the black community” and a regular on the Glen Beck show (no surprise there). Thinks America would be better off with a White Republican President – I doubt he watched The Boondocks, but if he did I would bet Uncle Ruckus was/is favorite character.

In his post Kevin Urges the reader to admit to his/herself that “you want a white Republican President again“, as if to say wanting anything else is the equivalent of you lying to yourself. But Kevin doesn’t stop there he goes on to say “Now before you start feeling like you’re a racist, understand you are not”. “Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you American”. So by his method of thinking, if you don’t want a white Republican President, you are lying to yourself, a racist and you’re not American. Where they do that at?

You know? I respect the fact that everyone has an opinion. I don’t have to respect that opinion, so for me to say I think this is some pure d bullsh*t and I don’t respect it would be an understatement. IMO opinion he sounds like an Uncle Tom, not that different from Samuel Jackson’s character in Django, who couldn’t seem to function without his master. I know that might be harsh, but that’s my opinion, just like it’s Kevin’s opinion that we need a white Republican Savior.

After reading his post I didn’t get the feeling that Kevin meant that President Obama is doing a horrible job and isn’t the answer. It seemed to me that he favors White Republicans over any black politicians any day.

I’m not sure if Kevin has looked in the mirror lately but despite what the conservatives are whispering in his ear he’s no different from the rest of the black folk. I doubt he’d admit to his self but IMO he is black face turned upside down. I’m not sure if he believes him saying we need a White Republican President earns him points with the neo-Nazis in suits but if he does, he is a puppet and a fool.

He can try to distance himself from President Obama and disagree with his policies or the way he is running the country all he wants. The reality is and I’m pretty sure of this, to some, if not all of his party members he is just another n*gger.

I mean what does he think, sticking a knife and turning the blade so the wound doesn’t close in the back of a brother is going to make him more enduring? Doesn’t he know that whoever he is aligned with will not respect someone who bashes one of his own, thinking “well if he did it to them, he’ll probably do it to me”? No one likes a turncoat

He also damn near broke out the kneepads while praising Ronald Reagan, saying “Take Reagan for example. Reagan ushered in a veritable Renaissance for blacks“. Now I was a child during the Reagan years but I remember the Crack Epidemic and not too many people, even African Americans being too happy during his time in office. He also gave statistics that showed how much better African Americans were then as opposed to now. Not taking into account that everything is different now and we aren’t the only people being affected. If this doesn’t sound like a case of loving thy master more than your brother than I don’t know what does.

So that’s it, I’m stepping down of my soapbox right now. What do you think? Even if you don’t like President Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, do you think that we would be better off with a White Republican President? Or do you think Kevin Jackson is nuts?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy the Oracle.

5 thoughts on “The Passion of Ruckus.

  1. He said what may are afraid to say. BO becoming Commander & Chief has rocked many to their core making it impossible for them to see straight. A lot of folks truly didn’t know how racist they were until BO won the election…twice!

    1. Oh, I don’t doubt there are millions of people that feel the same way. The thing that made me scratch my head was the fact that Kevin seemed so convince that a white Republican President is the begin all – end all. It’s almost like he was saying that black politicians are inadequate, inferior to their white Republican counterparts and incapable of leading. That’s why I likened him to an Uncle Tom, instead of “Master being sick, IMO he seems like the type that would ask if we are sick? It all seems like self hatred to me.

      And I’m not mad at him not liking President Obama but he seems to have a deep rooted disdain for him.

  2. 1. This Kevin dude sounds a lot like Allen (sp?) Keys. Then Ben Carson follows this garbage with his comments last week. I don’t know who put these men up to spewing such garbage, but it’s evident they have probably forgotten where they come from. My opinions notwithstanding, Kevin Jackson does have a semi-valid point about the Dems taking blacks for granted. Also, I think once these kinds of black men (wealthy) reach a certain status, they don’t identify with everyday black folk.

    2. The more time goes by, the more I have a a deeper appreciation for JC Watts. He’s a Republican, but at least when you’d hear him speak it would sound sensible.

    1. You know what, I’m not sure if the Kevin Jackson’s and the Ben Carson’s of the world were encouraged to say these things. I think regardless of their party affiliation, they would still feel the same way. They are allowed to dislike the President if they so choose, no one is saying that they can’t. I think the problem comes from within, the comments that they both made were personal and learned, it goes beyond being brainwashed. Maybe it was their upbringing, I don’t know but to say what they said means those thoughts have been inside them for a long time.

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