Tell Them How You Really Feel.

So Dr. Ben Carson thinks that Obamacare (affordable health care) is worse than slavery. While speaking at the Values Voters Summit in Washington on Friday, conservative commentator Ben Carson said that “Obamacare is, really I think, the worst thing that’s happened in this nation since slavery.” 0_o

I think Ben should be up for this award.
I think Ben should be up for this award.

This wasn’t Carson’s first time sharing his feelings about Obamacare. In February Carson took several shots at the current administration, while President Obama sat just a few feet away–at a prayer breakfast. So it’s safe to say that Dr. Carson is no fan of the POTUS.

Now, I won’t comment on whether it is or isn’t (I’m leaning towards isn’t) or whether or not I agree (I don’t), since he is allowed not only to have, but to speak his opinion, they’re isn’t much I can say. But what I can say is that IMO this is classic player hating – Tell them n*ggas why you mad son. To equate Obamacare with one of, if not the worst, periods in this country’s history, is a sign of envy and is senseless and disrespectful.

Carson also said that that Obamacare “was never about health care; it was about control” and making Americans “subservient.” By his rationale, things like 9/11, the Watts Riots and Kim Kardashian are all better than Obamacare. So this has/had my wheels turning and got me to thinking about things that, since the abolition of slavery are, according to Carson, not as bad than Obamacare.

So I present to Breazy’s list of things better than Obamacare.

Ying Yang Twins
Hurricane Katrina – any natural disasters
Jim Crow
The Challenger Space shuttle disaster
Joseline Hernandez
The Crack epidemic
Lil’ John
The assassinations of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy
Ray J
The Titanic sinking
Tyler Perry Movies

What do you think? Do you agree with Dr. Carson? Or do you think that he is completely off base? Can you think of any other things that you think are worse than Obamacare but better than Slavery?

Talk to me, I’ll Talk back.

Breazy Rather

6 thoughts on “Tell Them How You Really Feel.

  1. Hell no I don’t agree! He should be shot and pissed on and if he survives, shot again just like the lot of these Tea Party & GOP fools. As a Black man, he should have known to not be so derogatory. We made Russell Simmons apologize but not this jackass – I don’t get it…

    Good List!

    1. While I respect that he has a right to his opinion, I don’t respect his opinion. To say that Slavery was better than Obamacare seems like disdain and hatred to me. To say that the enslavement of people is better than a proposed health plan is a strong feeling. I noticed he didn’t say anything about Massachusetts, being subservient since their health care was the basis for Obamacare. Either he’s drinking the conservative Kool-Aid or he really does not like President Obama.

      1. I wish someone could enlighten me to the reasons behind NOT supporting universal HEALTH care. It simply doesn’t make sense to me… We buy life insurance for obvious reasons so, why is it a a evil thing to have living insurance benefits?

        He’s past drinking the conservative Kook Aid; He’s swimming in a cesspool of it.


      2. You know what? The bottom line is the people that are against Universal Health care feel like it will take money out of their pocket. They seem more concerned about there bottom line than the people’s health.

    2. I also agree with you, as a black man to say something like that seems suspect to me, either he’s the new Uncle Ruckus or he thinks we were better off in the 1700-800’s.

  2. I love your list, btw. Pointing out the Ying Yang twins was right on point..

    But to stay on topic, you are correct that everyone has a right to their own opinion, even if it’s stupid. I think Dr. Carson is way off base, and to compare obamacare to slavery is irresponsible. I expected more from Gifted Hands

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