Bye Bye Baby.

I was in the middle of writing an extremely scintillating piece for everyone regarding my looming reproductive options, when the Adrian Peterson story hit. It’s definitely sad and a HOT MESS, so I knew I had to put in my 2 cents in and let the entire Corner Politics/HotMessLife audience ( like, 1,000,000 people) know how I felt about it.adrian-petersons-son-dies-dead

If you don’t know who Adrian Peterson, it’s easily understood, especially if you’re not a football fan. No, he’s not the guy who Kim Kardashian dumped for Miles Austin/Kris Humphries/Yeezus- he’s the OTHER bad-ass running back in the NFL, who happens to play for the Minnesota Vikings. News broke a few days ago that the 2-year old son of the NFL superstar had allegedly been abused at the hands of the child’s mother’s new boyfriend (sounds like I’m spreading a rumor) in South Dakota, where she currently lives. The new boyfriend called 911 to report the child was suffering injuries from an apparent choking, and was the only person with the child at the time. He was rushed to the hospital where he remained in critical condition as of Friday, as a result of his injuries.

The new boyfriend was found to have a long history of abuse, both with previous girlfriends and young children. He was subsequently arrested and held on bond ( why don’t people do background checks on who they hook up with?). Peterson flew into town to attend to the child on Thursday, but was back in Minnesota on Friday. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse and the little boy succumbed to his injuries and died on the same day.

Because the media wants to know every little thing and all athletes/celebrities must justify their actions, Peterson had to make a statement that included the usual “ I ask for privacy out of respect for my family” and “I will be playing Sunday” catch phrases. Well, you would have thought he said he was going to go kick puppies and knock down old people, because the social media stratosphere exploded with their opinions on his decision to play:

“I can’t believe he’s gonna play”

“My condolences go out to AP- R.I.P.”

“Everyone grieves differently”

“If that was my child, I wouldn’t even be thinking about football”

I started to form my own opinion about the matter, pondering how someone in their right mind would be able to do anything after the death of their own child, let alone a 2-year old baby. Then I thought, it’s none of my DAMN BUSINESS, and just thought that the entire situation was extremely unfortunate. And because I have the attention span of a spastic bird, I then thought of 49 ways the alleged perpetrator could be abused in jail…

Then I heard some additional information and my thought process changed a bit. Apparently, Peterson JUST found out recently that the young child was even his son, after the mother revealed this to him after a paternity test was taken. The mother was previously in a casual relationship with the NFL running back when she lived in Minnesota, before moving to South Dakota. That got to me to thinking: HOW MUCH OF A RELATIONSHIP COULD ADRIAN PETERSON HAVE DEVELOPED WITH THE CHILD?

By no means am I suggesting that because of the short time Peterson knew his son, that it somehow makes it okay that he could just go off and run for 4 touchdowns with no hesitation. As I mentioned before, people have their own way of processing grief, stress, and the general hardships in life that we all must deal with.

But for all the people who scorned AP for wanting to play through the pain, knowing that he just started a relationship with the boy, do you feel the same way? Would you feel the same way about the loss of a loved one you grew up with your entire life as you would a long-lost sibling you just found out existed? Would it really make a difference? How do you feel about the mother’s role in all of this? This expression of mine is definitely not what my audience is used to (all of 3 of you), but I couldn’t let this topic go. In the end, is a LOSS just a LOSS?


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Baby.

  1. I personally can’t judge Peterson. Women have a lot of power when it comes to a child. As far as doing a background check, that wouldn’t do any good. I’ve seen men & woman walk straight into a diabolical situation with their eyes wide open.

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