The Ignorant Sh*t You Love!

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I like – no love ignorant shit. Granted I can only take ignorant shit in cycles and in bite sized morsels kind of like Tiny riding a tricycle, but when my inner Ray Ray needs to get it’s fix you can best believe, I dive head first – no Rihanna.

I wonder what dental plan he has?
I wonder what dental plan he has?

You see just like my soul needs to be fed, so does my inner “Boosie” but with a better hairline, it’s no fun if the homies can’t have none being PC and proper all time (both of which I’ve never been), sometimes you just need to snatch a lace front while saying Versace, Verasce, Verasce for the hell of it – btw is it me or does Drake sound like he’s learning to read for the first time while having torrents?.

Anyways, why does Meek Mill rap like he’s ordering food from the pasenger seat? I know that has nothing to do witht the post, but I always wanted to know why Meek Mill feels like he has to yell, I bet he has halatosis too. Back to the lecture at hand, since I have not problem in admitting that all I want for my birthday is a big booty h0e and sharing is caring – I learned that from Care Bears, I made yet another list of Breazy’s Ignorant shit, that he likes, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Yankin – Lady **disclaimer** This video is not safe for work, home, around kids or while playing with knives. As a matter of fact you may need to go see a priest after viewing this.

The first time I saw this video, I wasn’t sure if I was watching a Lil Kim sextape or a really bad BET UNCUT viedo (and that’s saying something). But after seeing just how much ahem (ass)ets are in this video, I immediately took shower to wash the filth off, read the bible because my soul wasn’t right and watched it again for umm research purposes.

Twerk Team, Twerk Squad, Twerk Camp, Twerk day care and other various internet strippers, on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop

If you ever stumbled upon a video of a video hoefessional in the making bootyclapping in her bathroom, dirty room or kitchen while her 5 year old son is taping. And you notice that the video has 5000,00 views and 499,999 likes and wondered “Who the hell are these lonely, desperate and pathetic men that sit around and watch these videos?”

Well I’m not saying I’m one of those men, but, well, let’s just say I don’t judge, and let’s leave it at that.

Trap rap.

I have a hard time calling what’s being played on the radio these days hip hop, but when my inner Marlo Stanfield wants to dumb down, I just turn on any “Hip Hop and RnB station. What is Trap Music you ask? It’s the newest party music that describes drugs being sold. Trap music is also similar to the Pied Piper but for Hoodrats. Play any song by Future, Rich Homie Quan or Cashout and watch the stampede of weaves and fake eyelashes rush the dance floor.

Well that’s all the guilty pleasures that I can think of right now, what are some of yours?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Realestniggaworkinga9tofivecashingchecks Taylor.

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