Black Innocence?

After coming across this video yesterday (which was released last month) I pondered, is there such a thing as Black Innocence? I mean in between DWB (Driving while black), WWB (Walking while Black), FWB (Flying while black) and basically BBBW (being black while black), the innocent until proving guilty idea doesn’t really apply to us. This isn’t to say that we are all helpless victims with “the man’s” foot on our necks, because let’s be honest some of us not only bring it on ourselves but sometimes makes it harder for the rest of us.

Nuisance or prophet???
Nuisance or prophet???

See video below.

No, this is for those of us that are actually in the wrong place at the wrong time at the same time (“fitting a description”) or doing what they are suppose to be doing, but aren’t giving the same legal leeway as other nationalities are. Being gunned down while running un-armed towards police for help after a car crash, firing a warning shot just to scare an abusive ex-husband off, but not being able to use the stand your ground defense or an 8 year old shot in the face for what seems like nothing more than just playing tag, are all signs that we are not always given the same benefit of the doubt or that our lives don’t mean much.

So what do you think? For those of us that aren’t cutting the fool, but have still been victims of preconceived notions, sense of others entitlement and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is there such a thing as Black Innocence?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy X

6 thoughts on “Black Innocence?

    1. Hey thanks Sid. Trust me, I’ve been a victim of fitting the description of just about every 6’2 African american male that has ever committed a crime a time or two.

  1. By society’s standards, we not even innocent when we’re born. Remember we got that gene of innate aggression up in us!?! I’m focusing on eurocentricism now because of this ideology. How can we ever been considered innocent when only a short while ago, we weren’t even considered human? Good article!! Raised a very interesting point… You got my creative juices flowing!

    1. I’m glad you like it, I’m just trying to start a conversation. But yeah I read your post and you raised some interesting points. I just watched Black girls this past weekend with Mrs. Breazy and your post talked about some of the same points the documentary touched on. The “white is right” attitudes is prevalent in today’s society, unfortunately. While I don’t knock anybody for what they do but not only are with the biggest consumers, it seems like we are the biggest group that buys into the Eurocentric train of thought. As bad as it is that “some” whites feel they are privileged because of their skin color, a lot of us feed flames onto that fire. Just look at the number of weaves, fake eyelashes and lighting cream that is sold yearly, then look at who the biggest consumers are. Hell even are celebrities are lighten in print ads, whether they know it or not. Your post was great as usual, keep em coming.

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