She’s So Scandalous!

If you’re a Facebook freak like I am, you would think Scandal was the only show on television on Thursday nights. Most of the women ( and some men!) that I’m “friends” have been counting down the days to the 2nd season premiere, which aired last Thursday. What’s going to happen to Olivia? Who leaked her name to the press? Was it Cyrus? Is her dad a spy? Where in the hell can I get that white trench coat she’s wearing?

What I’ve also found is that most of the people who are OBSESSED with this show are of the chocolate persuasion. About 98% of the comments on my Newsfeed regarding the show are from African-American women. I haven’t seen black women get this worked up about a show since the inception of the Basketball Wives reality series ( which we all know should be named “Chicks Who Just So Happened to Have Slept With a NBA Player At One Point in Time”).

Is this just a mere coincidence?  Granted, my sample size of friends on a social media network does not compare to the entire viewing audience of Scandal by any means, but I’ve heard many people express the same sentiment. BLACK WOMEN LOVE OLIVIA POPE. What’s the obsession? Is it that the character represents a “strong, black woman” so many of us strive to be, or already are? Do we want to be Gladiators ourselves? Or is it that we are secretly jealous that a black woman can run around like screaming, huffing and puffing, without EVER breaking a sweat and her hair still looking FIERCE? Well, if I’m going with the assumption that many black women are enamored with Ms. Pope because they can either relate or wish to emulate her, I have some news for you: FIND A NEW ROLE MODEL.

Now we all know that television is for entertainment-it can be a welcomed distraction from our reality. However, it seems that many women think Olivia is a real person, who has feelings, emotions, and a bad ass wardrobe from Saks. Women are on #TEAMOLIVIA, and root for her to make her “relationship” work with Fitz. What I don’t understand is why we’re rooting for her in the first place? Again, I know it’s a t.v. show, but she’s a sidepiece, and we need to remember that. I think it’s quite comical to root for a woman to ruin a marriage, even a bad one. We really should be rooting for Millie, the First Lady, who takes the term “for better or for worse” to the extreme ( now THAT’S a ride or die chick!).

I remember a famous quote from an episode from last season in which Olivia was having her 250th argument with the The President. After he demanded that she see him in the middle of the night, she yelled out “YOU NEED TO EARN ME!”. Laaaaaaawd, it hit a nerve with my girlfriends, because it became everyone’s passive-aggressive status update for two weeks. Ladies, let us not look up to a mistress.

Whether you love her or hate her, Kerry Washington’s springboard for superstardom is definitely a polarizing topic among the ladies, and specifically, the sistas. Why  IS Scandal so popular? Is Olivia Pope THE one to be? Do you think it’s a good look for the portrayal of the black woman in society? Should we even care?


4 thoughts on “She’s So Scandalous!

  1. that show gets high ratings period… isn’t it the #1 show on thursday… i am too lazy to google.. i don’t think blacks liking a show would shoot it up too far.. am i too cynical… those nielson reports got me… sorry B

  2. Man I’m not looking to Olivia Pope as no role model.. My mom, grandmother, aunts, sisterfriends and a host of other real life woman have that position. It’s well written good entertainment on Thursday nights where the lead actress is African American. And if any woman is rooting for the side piece, she had issues long before Scandal made it to the screen. *Steps down from podium* two fingers I’m out.

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