They Don’t Give A Damn About us!

Have you ever been acquainted with someone that was so stubborn that they probably would commit suicide, just to prove to you they can dig the hole themselves? Or what about someone who instead of apologizing for something that is probably long forgotten would rather die than make amends? I know these are extreme analogies but it’s really different than the set tripping (deuce here, Damn Ray Ray is that yo car) that is going on between the Republicans and Democrats.

Even Mike knows this is some bullsh*t.
Even Mike knows this is some bullsh*t.

The fact that neither side is willing to budge on Obamacare nor the debt ceiling while the Government shuts down is the equivalent of someone killing someone on some Glen Close, cooked rabbit, if I can’t have you no one else can shit. Again I know it’s another extreme analogy, but how else do you explain elected officials and grown ass men who would rather see the government come to a halt rather than reach across the aisle and actually work together like kids playing in the sandbox?

Personally I think this is some kind of ploy by both parties to cover up their embarrassment about fact that the Government shutdown really proves neither party has the American people’s interest in mind. Now I’m not political pundit nor do I particularly for either party, besides the traffic here in DC has been great the past day and a half, but not only did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night I do know common sense, and I also know that common sense isn’t common, which the latter is being prominently displayed at the moment.

This isn’t a good look for us right now, particularly on the world’s stage. For us to be a superpower and the most powerful nation on the planet all this is doing is making us look weak. If we can’t can come together on issues that effect the American people, how can we defend ourselves against those that want to see us fall, let alone be taken seriously? I can only imagine the North Koreans sitting with a box of popcorn just laughing at us while both parties go at each other’s throat.

Things have gotten so bad that the annual Army Black Knights vs Navy Midshipmen has been canceled along with THE Air Force academy’s game this weekend and the only way that the tradition will continue this year is if the Secretary of Defense okays it. The Defense Department temporarily suspended all sporting events at the the service academies on Tuesday due to the partial government shutdown stemming from the budget standoff in Congress. Also you know it’s bad when a planned KKK rally at Gettysburg National Military Park is canceled because of the budget showdown. What is a racist to do when the Government’s battle infringes on their right to spew hate in a public setting. Not to mention the government employees that have to go on furlough due to this foolishness.

What do you think? What are we the people that are actually being affected by both parties selfishness to do? It’s clear that our politicians don’t care about our well being, instead feeding their egos. So how do we survive?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Rather

2 thoughts on “They Don’t Give A Damn About us!

  1. Stubborn, indeed. What did congress think, they were going to punk Obama into caving? Now they look like spoiled children wanting more candy before supper time.

    1. Stubborn, greedy and selfhish, whatever you want to call it. Also you see what happens when you play with people’s money and take advantage of those that elected you, someone starts blasting on the Capitol. I’m not saying it’s right, but I understand.

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