They Don’t Want to See The Cool In You, They Rather See The Fool In You.

So Samuel motherf**king Jackson, wants Barack Obama to get angry huh? In a recent interview with Playboy magazine Jackson said that Mr. Obama should “stop trying to relate, be a leader, and not just a leader but in true Samuel Jackson nature a f*cking, leader. What do you think? Should the President stop trying to be so relatable and be more presidential?

I'm an angry black man, you got a problem?
I’m an angry black man, you got a problem?

Even though Jackson was answering a question about highly educated people, including the President consciously dropping G’s from words in an attempt to sound more relatable. It wasn’t the first time, that Jackson, who is a Obama supporter criticized President Obama. In another interview he said he hoped “Obama gets scary in the next four years.”

These are some of the concerns that I hear and surprisingly or unsurprisingly depending on what side of the fence you are on I hear mostly from other African Americans. What I don’t understand is why I haven’t heard the same complaints from other ethnicities. Is it because other ethnicities are more concerned with Obama care and the possible shutdown of the government to worry about how the President come off to people? Or could it be that we are the only race that cares whether or not the President is being too nice?

It seems to me that the President is “damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. If he doesn’t stand his ground the way we think an African American man should, we’ll question his blackness and criticize him for not doing enough for us. But if he is aggressive that way we think he should, he would be labeled that “angry black male”. The same angry black male that seems to scare and intimidate our co-workers while alienating them and us at the same time. So imagine being an angry black male while all of your co-workers try everything that they can stop you from getting things done.

It’s easy for the Sam Jackson’s of the world to say what they President should do from the sidelines, without having to scratch and claw to get things done, while being met with opposition at every turn.

This just seems another form of division amongst us, a lot of us want to complain about the President not doing enough for African Americans or like Samuel Jackson he’s too soft. As much as some us feel that the President should do more for us, the reality is he is the President of all Americans, not just African Americans. If you think that he’s not doing a good job now, imagine how much harder it would be for him to succeed if he was a “black President”. He would never be able to get policies and bills passed.

I think that under the circumstances President Obama is doing as good of a job as he can. Can he do better? That’s debatable. Could he do more for us? That depends on who you talk to. What do you think? Do you think Obama should get angry? Do you Think that being an angry black male would help or hurt him?

Talk to me, I’ll talk Back.

Breazy Seale.

5 thoughts on “They Don’t Want to See The Cool In You, They Rather See The Fool In You.

  1. I totally agree with you. I was starting to wonder which Corner Politics in. Well since this is for THE PURE UNCUT, I’m for the brothers – for ALL Black people! Obama is doing a fine job. Can’t imagine being in his position. If someone, whom can fair better then run for office! He is the president for ALL peoples: the black & the white.

    1. Sid, what do you mean which Corner I’m In? I always try to mix barbershop talk with humor and sometimes senseless rambling, but I’m always going to bring it raw and uncut, as I see it. Like you I can’t imaging have to have the world in the palm of my hand, along with all eyes on me. I think considering the pressure and the fact that he’s not going to make everybody happy he’s doing a god job.

  2. Awesome subject. Although I don’t agree with Samuel’s point of view, I can understand his viewpoint. Think about this: all of us should be able to relate to feeling a sense of responsibility for “our” people. I think we may be the only race who feels a sense of responsibilty for what our people do. For example, when you see a fellow black person out in public acting a fool, you may get a feeling of embarassment, or anger-because you feel like they’re not “representing” us right. Hope the comparison makes sense. Do in this case, many African Americans may feel the sense of respibsibility if you will for how Obama is perceived in society. Personally, I just want him to ge a good president, I don’t need him to be angry.

  3. Let me first state I’m enjoying reading your blog. But, I don’t think he should get angry at least not literally. Remember the old saying, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Well, there’s more than one way to show your anger and fight back. He’s making sure he approach each situation carefully.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it, your comments are always welcomed. I agree with you, it wouldn’t do President Obama any good to become that “angry black man”. I think he’s handling things the way he should by being calm and rational. Besides Puffy said Bad Boys move in silence.

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