Whistle While You Twerk!

Now that the fuss concerning Miley Cyrus’s disturbing yet comical “twerk” imitation at the VMA’s last month has died down, I’m trying to make sense of all the un-fair hate the snowbunny has received before and after her performance. Before the the performance, Miley caught more shade than Rihanna has forehead over her twerking. While I do feel that the hate was/is not justified, some of it was hella funny. And why? All because she’s rich and white???

This should be the cover for "Twerking For Dummies.
This should be the cover for “Twerking For Dummies.

On her twitter account alone the hate reached biblical proportions. Everything from people asking her if she knew what color she was, to how ridiculous she looked doing it in a bunny suit, in a zebra striped outfit, breathing and while being white; basically how dumb she looked, period. She was also ridiculed for twerking without the, ahem, right equipment. I guess if she was built like CoCo, to some people, it might’ve been okay. What stood out the most to me was the hate she received from African Americans admonishing her for twerking because she is white.

While I can understand twerking has been around long before Miley Cyrus came along and has been a source of income for those that partake in the stilettos and pole arts in majority African American communities. Twerking has also been a mainstay and an accessory in videos for unknown rappers trying to get on, thanks to outlets like BET UNCUT, these struggling rappers were given a platform to sell bouncing flesh along with their subpar rhymes, making the videos better with the sound on mute to me. “Urban models” have used World Star Hip Hop and publications like Smooth Magazine and both Black Men magazine and Black Men SXSW to showcase their gifts and talents way before Miley humped the #1 fan sign at the VMA’S.

So I can see how some would feel some kind of way about the media latching on, and basically proclaiming a white girl the inventor of twerking, while ignoring the fact that twerking was in existence before her. I don’t know why this surprised anybody; this is par for the course for mainstream media. There have been countless inventions and ideas that were originated by African Americans, (I’m not saying twerking is an invention) that once a white person co-signed it, the media either forgot or chose to not to give credit to them.

But what I don’t understand is why we are concerned with Miley twerking in the first place. It’s not like she is the first white girl to twerk. Just look on YouTube and you’ll see hundreds if not thousands of white girls making twerk videos. The fact that people would interrogate her about her color is dumb to me. The last time I checked, we don’t own any patents or trade marks on dancing. Maybe we think that our women are the only women that like to shake their asses, whether it’s for their men behind closed doors or on a pole.

Since we don’t own the rights to dancing and it is a free market for anyone to do, it’s perplexing to me why some us get in our feelings over a non-black person doing it? This makes me question if our priorities have gotten so far out of perspective that we place so much importance on something as trivial as twerking.

I’m not knocking or judging anyone that wants to claim twerking as our own, but I know for me and mine, twerking is so far down my list of priorities, it’s not even on the list. With things like mortgage/rent, and car notes and a lot of other things that I think are important, I don’t understand how twerking is such a hot button topic.

I guess the more things change, the more they change, and I seriously doubt that older generations were thinking about non-black people two-stepping or doing the bus stop. With our elders fighting for equality and our rights, I wonder what they think about twerking, let alone the all fuss that some of us are making about an anorexic white girl doing it.

What do you think? Do you agree with the hate that Miley Cyrus received, because of her twerk videos? Do you think that non-black people shouldn’t be allowed to twerk? Or do you think that our priorities are messed up?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Newton

3 thoughts on “Whistle While You Twerk!

  1. Our priorities are definitely messed up. But this goes along with people just obsessed with the celebrity culture. I do think it’s weird though that this is a big deal, when no one got mad when Kendra has been doing it on the E! Channel for a few years now (the playboy chick). Like you said, perhaps it’s because we don’t feel she’s “twerk-worthy”? But again, who cares? Great post.

  2. She was not “twerk-worthy.” Black ladies do this for a living and there is a certain skill and another thing, Katherine Durham, who is the “matriarch” of West African and Carribbean dancing and also this form of “mapouka” was done way before Cyrus did her rendention.. To me she kind of “black-faced” the dance and kind of did a mockery of it at least to me. After all, like it or not, this is part of our culture. Yes, it is sexualized in the strip clubs, but it is done at parties, weddings over here and in Africa without the sexually explicit innenduous.

    1. First I want to thank you for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it. I do hope that you continue to check me out. I understand where you are coming from and believe me I’m not defending Miley at all, as a matter of fact I think she looks crazy trying to twerk. I also understand the cultural signifiance, but is a white girl shaking her ass really worthy of condemnation?

      My thing is this, we don’t own twerking, so how can we say who should and should not do it? Regardless is we like it or not, she and countless other white girls are going to do it. Do you feel the same way about the white girls on YouTube and World Star Hip Hop? I just think there are more important things, like improving our communities and schools that we should be concerned about.

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