I Don’t Care If You’re Bill O’reilly, You’ll Only Rile Me Up.

It seems that Bill O’reilly just can’t leave well enough alone. In another attempt to prove that he is not racist, Bill O’reilly has given his opinion yet again about Trayvon Martin’s death and that it indeed had to do with the way he looked – but not because of the reasons we believe.

If you don't look like me, f&ck you.
If you don’t look like me, f&ck you.

Rather than let sleeping dogs lie, O’reilly swears up and down that Trayvon’s death had nothing to do with his race, but everything to do with Martin perpetuating a “gangsta” mentality by wearing a hoodie. Yes, Mr. O’reilly actually believes that because Trayvon didn’t think to take an umbrella with him when he went to the store for Skittles and a drink, but instead chose to wear a hoodie to cover his head from the rain, that he was portraying a gangsta lifestyle. Maybe then George Zimmerman would not have profiled him, picked a fight, and proceeded to kill him as he began to lose the fight that he had initiated.

Watch Bill explain this bullsh*t logic below

Let Bill tell it, those gangstas and their rain-appropriate clothing are just begging to be shot by over zealous Neighborhood Watch captains as they partake in gangsta-like activities like walking home from the store carrying skittles and iced tea. Bill then had the nerve to act like he cared about the African American family structure.

Never mind the fact that all nationalities wear hoodies and not just African American males. I’m not sure if O’reilly is aware of this, but if he were to go to any PWI, he would probably find a thousand white males wearing hoodies with their school’s logo on it. Not only that, but anybody wanting to conceal their identity while committing a crime wears a hoody, not just African American males walking home from the store.

Now this isn’t O’reilly’s first time commenting on the appearance of an African American. In 2010 O’Reilly told Columbia University professor Marc Lamont Hill that he looked like a cocaine dealer. Interestingly enough professor Lamont was not wearing a hoodie with sagging pants and a bandana hanging out of his back pocket, but a suit and tie. I understand being the bigger person and biting your tongues sometimes speaks louder than acting your color, but f*ck that. If you are going to show your color by saying I look like I’m slanging rocks because the suit I’m wearing looks better than yours, than I may have to act my color too, just to let you know not to do it again.

This leads me to believe that O’reilly has a problem with the way African American males look period. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing a designer suit or a hoodie. If you are a breathing, walking and talking African American male, Bill O’reilly has a problem with the way you look.

As crazy as this theory might sound, O’reilly is not alone in this thinking. Just last year Geraldo Rivera said something similar, while taking a shot at African American and Latino parents for being stupid and allowing their male children to wear hoodies.

I’m not sure what planet these two people live on, but this proves that this goes beyond white privilege. It used to be that we had to watch how we walked, talked and dressed so as not to scare white folks, now it appears we have to watch how we walk, talk and dress so as not to scare everybody.

So the lesson to be learned here is if you are an African American male, you better have sense enough not to own – let alone wear a hoodie and if at all possible whenever approaching white people on the street be sure to smile your biggest Kool-Aid smile while tap dancing so as not to scare them, giving them cause to profile and possibly kill you.

What do you think? Do you think Trayvon was killed because he looked like a “gangsta” wearing a hoodie? Or is Bill just being Bill? Spewing light weight racist statements?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy West.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Care If You’re Bill O’reilly, You’ll Only Rile Me Up.

  1. “and therefor he got attention” is the key phrase.

    in short, yes, that kid died because he was wearing a hoodie. but he actually was shot because zimmerman couldn’t take an ass whooping. the entire situation transpired because mr. martin looked a certain way. in this case, the hoodie. let’s be honest. initially, can you tell a person’s race if they’re wearing a hoodie? i mean, i can’t. so to me, the hoodie is what got the neighborhood watch guy’s attention. that’s the point that o’reilly is trying to make. whether or not after further investigation zim’s figured the kid was black and decided to purser further is something that can only be speculated. i believe that it could have been a spanish kid, zim’s race, and he would’ve started following him. because zim’s had a gun. and that’s the real issue.

    the issue isn’t race, the hoodie, fucking skittles or whatever the fuck Al Sharpton is feeding into the machine to get people off their square. the underlying issue are the jacked up law’s in this country that allow people to get away with killing children in the name of self defense. people can get out and vote and dance and coon when there’s a ‘black’ guy running for president, but can’t take the time to pay attention to the law’s that are being proposed and passed, and get out and vote when it REALLY matters.

    actually, treyvon died because of the stand your ground law. THAT’S what gave the neighborhood watch guy his power.

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