Take Off Your Cool.

BreazyI don’t know if you can tell by my posts, but I’m a pretty laid back type of cat. Not much riles me up with the exceptions of lace fronts, country music, and the Ying Yang twins’ existence; other than that, I’m pretty mellow. There is one thing though that pisses me off to the highest heights of pisstivity, something that irks me to my core, and makes me want to slap anybody in sight.

But Breazy you are cooler than the other side of the pillow (I know), what can possibly make you want to revoke Gucci Mane’s Twitter rights? Good question and I’m glad you asked. Lateness is the one thing that has me seeing red. I don’t mean five to ten minutes late, but chronic lateness. Someone who is habitually late to the point that it becomes one of their characteristics.  So much so, that they start to even joke about it by saying, “you know me, I’ll probably be two to three hours late.”

F*CK that. We are cool and all, but saying this to me will result in a stab to your knee with a rusty screwdriver. If your chronic lateness becomes a part of your consciousness to the point that you can predict you are going to be late to something I invite you to, then I’d rather you not come at all. Not to mention, those who won’t even give the common courtesy of letting you know that they are going to be late. I know people who seem to be allergic to showing up anywhere on time, as if their black card will be revoked or something; and unfortunately the majority of them are black.

I cannot, and will not understand, why we think that it’s socially acceptable to be late to something. It’s as if the time to arrive is more of a guideline, than the actual time one is expected to be there. I’ve had arguments with people who will look at the time on an invitation and then say, “well, we’ll get there two hours late.” To me, that is disrespectful and lazy. To add insult to injury, those of us who have social functions don’t really expect some people to show up ’til an hour or two later 0_o. If that’s the case, then why even include the start time?

Maybe the fact that my father was in the military for 25 years has something to do with my propensity for being on time. If you tell me to be somewhere at a certain time, then I’m going to be there at the time that you told me. If I get there and you are not ready, or still setting up, then don’t look surprised. I’m just following directions. Besides, I don’t mind being the first person to arrive, and I’ve learned that lateness may result in missed opportunities.

I’m anal when it comes to being on time, and I don’t have a problem admitting to it. To me, it says a lot about a person’s character. If you don’t know, then ask Mrs. Breazy and she will tell you.  I’ll give her the side eye if we leave even five minutes later than planned, and don’t ask about the fights we’ve had because we were late to arrive somewhere.

Well, this is the one thing that makes me drop my cool and sends me through the roof.  What are some of the things that other people do that would just make your blood boil?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Calrissian – for the Star Wars fans.

11 thoughts on “Take Off Your Cool.

  1. I have to admit that lateness is something that I struggle with. Since I often have to juggle so many things at one time, it seems like I have to be late for something. My relatives who have extensive military experience also despise lateness. I’ll keep working on improving from always being late for something.

    1. I don’t have a problem with people that are late, unless they do it intentional and out of spite. I have a problem that don’t care how their lateness effects others. To me that is a sign of disrespect.

  2. don’t hate me breazy… i am one of those always late people… i am late for everything… interviews, vacations, weddings funerals, parties, work, hangouts etc… it is not an affront to anything or anyone in particular, i just move that way… similar to the birth of a child… time is an abstract concept for me… i move when my spirit moves me… deep down i always feel like the universe is guiding me.. and the Universe doesn’t move on man’s concept of time… has it turned out bad sometimes.. yes have i had arguments… with one dude yes most guys i have dealt with although “timely” themselves get used to my ethereal stance on timeliness but i feel it is what is supposed to happen… i am woking on being more timely… for work (ecen though i am chronically late i have never been terminated for such-goes to show that good work and willing to work unpaid “OT” just to make sure the books balance is worth more than the man’s time- but i realize that others feel that time is theirs and that i am insulting it… pray for me.. and again don’t hate me…

    what grinds my gears.. slow speakers the literal kind and slow speakers as in the kind that take a while to make their point…

    1. Come on Yoles, you know I luv you, I could never hate you, lol. I don’t hate people that are late, I hate when people are late purposely and don’t care how it effects or cuts into my time. If you are the type of person that is always late, that’s you but if you know that you being late can potentially have a bearing on what I’m doing and you don’t care then we have a problem.

  3. And that’s why I hope you and Mrs. Breezy got 2 cars nigga, you go ahead, I’ll meet you there cause I’m taking my time dammit! Look here, as you said, we know exactly who those invites coming from so we know who we dealing wit. And if I show up and ain’t shit ready and I’m hungry then a mofo and you come over to me talking bout can you help me set up this or run to the store and grab….HELL NO (LOL)…I was invited to chill, eat, and sit my ass back to observe and relax. Uh Uh, I’ll take that extra hour risk buddy….

    SO BE MAD BREEZY!!!!!!!

    But as I get better invites I promise I’ll work on it sir – lol

    1. I don’t get mad just because we leave later than I want, I get mad because we discussed and agreed upon a time to leave and yet still leave late. To me there is no excuse for that, you knew what time we said we were going to leave and you know how long it takes you to get ready. Why not start getting ready at a time that will give you enough time where you don’t have to rush and we can still leave on time? Is that to much to ask for?

    1. I agree, time is to precious to be wasting. Like you I feel anxious about anything of importance, hell I’ll call 40 minutes to an hour before an event if I think I’m going to be 5 minutes late.

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