Come Clean.

So Hot 97.5 radio personality Mr. Cee has been caught with a transvestite prostitute once again. And while this isn’t surprising, what is, is the fact that Mr. Cee doesn’t think he’s bi-sexual, let alone gay. I don’t know Mr. Cee personally, and could care less about his sexuality, so him coming out or not coming out doesn’t have any bearing on my life. What I don’t understand is why Cee insists on living a life that he has to make excuses for.mister-cee-featured[1]

Cee announced his resignation from Hot 97.5 on September 11th, after a transvestite prostitute Bimbo Winehouse released a recording that allegedly shows Cee propositioning her for sex. Rather than accept his resignation, Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden wanted to give Cee the opportunity to clear the air and tell his side of the story. During Cee’s tearful interview, he told listeners that he was simply “tired of trying to do something or be something that I’m not.” He also admitted to “messing” with transvestites and denied that he was gay.

But that was all the insight that Cee gave. He didn’t really offer any explanation as to who or what that “something” really was.

I could care less what he does in his personal life, but if he is given the opportunity to come clean like he wants to, then he really needs to come clean. No half-ass explanations that don’t really say anything. By doing this, all he is doing is lying to himself and making it harder for him to be free of whatever it is that’s burdening him. I understand that denial is a hell of a drug, but so is cocaine; so Cee when says that he never has, and still does not, consider himself to be gay, he is making excuses for his actions.

If his so called peers and friends think differently of Cee – and if I was him I would say f*uck them, he doesn’t answer to anyone, nor does he owe anybody any damn thing, but again, if he really wants to clear the air and “move on” like he says he wants to, he needs to bear his soul, and let go of the weight. I understand it’s not easy being bi-sexual or gay in such a homophobic industry like Hip Hop, but at some point Cee is going to have to choose between living a life of secrets and setting himself free and not caring about what backlash he may receive. I also know coming from a West Indian background – which I know for sure is homophobic – Cee needs to make up his mind that he is going to live for himself. Now, answering to his wife and kids is one thing, but freeing his mind is the first step in his moving forward.

It’s no secret that the Hip-Hop industry has it’s fair share of homophobia and misogyny. Just take a look/listen to any of the rappers that get regular airplay. It’s unfortunate that in 2013, Cee or anybody else in his position still cannot be forthcoming about their sexuality for fear of isolation, rejection, and retribution. Let’s not forget that Cee was responsible for finding and introducing Notorious B.I.G to Puffy and has producing credits that include the B.I.G.classic debut “Ready to Die”.

But again, it’s starts with accountability, and saying things like “I’ve never had actual sexual intercourse with another man and vice versa. That’s never been done to me” as a reason why he doesn’t think he’s gay is just him lying to himself. This reasoning is no different from the down low brothas that don’t think they are gay because even though the sleep with men, they have girlfriends and wives. Both of these examples are the personification of denial and selfishness.

I’m not one to argue what is and what isn’t gay, but IMO opinion receiving fellatio from a man that looks like a woman is gay. I don’t care how you dissect it, head from a member of the same sex – whether it’s reciprocated or not – is a gay act. So, Cee saying he isn’t gay but “from time to time he messes with transvestites” is probably his way of not coming to grips that he might be gay.

I’m not sure what you consider gay, but if the presence of male-on-male sex is your way of measuring whether a man is gay, how would you describe a man who claims to not take part in gay activities other than receiving fellatio from RuPaul repeatedly?

I commend Cee for taking the first step by doing the interview event hough I could tell he is still in denial, but he had to start somewhere. I hope that he can get to the point where he can be free and be who he really is, whether it’s straight, gay or bi-sexual. What do you think, Is Mr. Cee in fact gay? I do have my opinions, but I’m interested in what do you think.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


11 thoughts on “Come Clean.

  1. Fantastic post! I completely understand his fear, from a cultural perspective. I don’t judge someone else’s freaky turn ons (I have enough of my own, thank you). Hip hop promotes a penis-brained, coolpose version of manhood. There are countless gay/lesbian people in hip-hop. The same group of people who were segregated are now segregating. Hiphop artists no longer hide their wives, sexuality is the last frontier in this game of frontin’. Gender blurring is fast becoming a
    trend. and we all know how hip-hop loves trends.

    1. Even though I don’t understand his “freaky turn ons”, I don’t judge him for them either. At some point he is going to have to decide what’s more important, his career or his peace of mind.

  2. Although I always advocate for true transparency and for people to be themselves, Mr. Cee is a victim. People were looking to exploit him for their own selfish reasons, and he was forced to share details about his sexuality that he is not ready to share. Mr. Cee should not and does not have to share anything about his life, including details about his sexuality, that he does not desire to share.

    1. You are right, Cee doesn’t own anybody anything, let alone me. I don’t have a problem calling myself out.
      The point that I was trying to make is the only person he needs to be honest with, besides his wife is Cee. I don’t agree that he is a victim though, no one made him do the interview. I’m sure he knew that he would be asked questions that he didn’t want to answer, I applaud his program director, who seems like a cool dude for giving Cee the opportunity to speak. I could tell during the interview that he was lying to himself. Again he doesn’t owe me or his listeners anything, but he does owe it to himself to come to grips what he may or not be.

      1. The fundamental reason why I see Mr. Cee as a victim is someone “outed” him to humiliate and exploit him for his or her own personal gains. He felt compelled to do the interview because he needed to provide some information about what was already out there about him. We should never be in the business of forcing anyone to make public pronouncements about his or her sexuality. People need to have adequate time — when they are ready — to reveal such personal details about their life (if they so choose).

    1. I agree cuz, it’s not our business, him doing the interview live on the radio made it our business. I could care less what he does behind close doors, he just needs to be honest with himself.

  3. I just think that sex and sexuality have come too far out of the privacy of your bedroom, car or hotel room! No one should be worrying about what anybody’s sexuality is. Sex is supposed to be done in private with privacy.
    Since we has put sex out in the open, on TV, in the media, anything goes.

    Just because some people are open does not mean that everyone wants to be open.

    Everyone doe not have to be put in the box of gay, straight or bi-. I don’t think Mr. Cee feels comfortable being put in a box.

    I don’t feel comfortable having to read/listen to stories about this gentleman and his sexuality.

    To me, freedom of speech and openness has gone too far!!! Mr. Cee has a right to his privacy as we all do!

    1. Normally Mr Sid, I would say no! But looks like in a few years we will have to resort to having numerous women if the trend of man into man continues!

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