Who Got Tha Props?

In case you missed it, rapper J. Cole made some headlines last week for expressing his feelings about African Americans obsession with colorism. In an interview with BET, Cole expressed how being light-skinned has helped his career and how it helped Barack Obama get elected as President.

No Black man can resist a thick woman.
No Black man can resist a thick woman.

Now, to say that skin complexion (unless you’re Eminem or Macklemore) has helped Cole’s career, is tricky to say the least. When it comes the top ten highest selling rappers of all time – with the exception of Eminem, the Beastie Boys, and depending on how you feel about Jay-Z and Nelly’s complexion, and then Ludacris (who I personally don’t think is light skinned, but he does, and has no problem telling you that he is) – they all have been brown to dark skinned, with Tupac, Outkast, DMX, MC Hammer and Notorious B.I.G rounding out the list. So for J. Cole to say that his complexion has helped out his career is more his personal opinion than a fact.

But in Barack Obama’s case, I think his opinion has some validity to it. I mean, you don’t really expect Wesley Snipes to get elected POTUS any time soon, do you? Shit, he doesn’t even pay taxes. But the funny thing is, I wonder if Obama would still have the same level of support from the Black community if Michelle were light skinned. Some part of me thinks no. I’m not sure if the Black community is ready for Genuine and Sole to run the free world.

This lead me to think about what other kind of favoritism or props may have helped people – either in their careers or personally – whether it was warranted or not. So after some consideration, I came up with “Breazy’s List of Points Given to People That Probably Don’t Need Them and Shit.”

1. Thick women

Black men love thick women. Period. This can be as head scratching as somebody who’s willing to procreate with Lil Wayne. There is nothing wrong with a thick woman, I mean, I love me some tig ‘ol bitties and a Hemi under the hood. But some dudes make some questionable decisions when it comes to dating, based off a woman’s body shape. Seriously, I have seen dudes go for thick women that look they need petting over an attractive woman with a slim or athletic build just because she has some “throw them D’s on that b’tch” and a matching 40 inch waist. I know men that would pass up Amerie for Buffie the Body

2. Not from around here

What is it about about someone that just moved to a new city or neighborhood? Both men and women will break their necks to break a piece off the new kit kat in town. I guess because the soon-to-be un-suspecting victim doesn’t know about the person approaching them’s collision history – gotta check their Hoe Fax.

3. Good hair – men

For a lot of sistas (yeah I know I’m generalizing), good or wavy hair on a man is right up there with height, white teeth and the ability to run the three legged race by yourself, that women dream of when imagining the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. I’ve been approached by more women than I care to remember who supposedly were joking about me making a pretty baby because of my height and wavy hair, which would immediately cause me to break out in hives and run away as fast as I could in fear that the woman might be more fertile than Shawty Lo.

4. Light skinned women

Yes, color-ism rears it’s ugly head again and I do apologize to all my light skinned sistas out there. But you all will get more attention than your darker skinned sisters even if you are less attractive. It’s not your fault. You can’t help it if most men would pick you over a more attractive browned skinned sista even if you looked like Peter Gunz and were shaped like a bag of W’s. Hell, you could look like a lighter version of Grace Jones and a rapper with a speech impediment and gold teeth would write a song about you.

5. Brown/Dark skinned men

Never mind the fact that light skinned men haven’t been in style since Al B. Sure’s unibrow; brown to dark skinned men get points just for not looking like they bathe in flour. This is the reason why questionable looking men like Wesley Snipes and Omar Epps are popular along with odd dorky men like Taye Digs, and even them two non-singing n*ggas in Jagged Edge got their fair share of trim.

6. She could teach the wind how to blow

There is a reason why women that look (and are) broke, dusted and disgusted always have a man even if they don’t have anything else. As long as they are able to open wide without gagging they can pretty much get whatever they want out of a man. These walking hoovers could probably teach a class or something.

7. Big feet props

Why do you think the horse jumped over the moon? Hell, I don’t know. But what I do know is that if a dude has a big…umm… foot and can work it right, he will always have a place to stay, even if he ain’t sh#t.

8. Good hair – women

For many black men, the allure of good hair runs neck and neck with the allure of light skinned women. Seriously, brothas would go coo-coo for cocoa puffs over Mother Love in a freakum dress if she had long hair, just so the could reenact the “Where are my panties” skit from the Love Below album .

So, that’s it good people of Corner Politics. Can you think of any unwarranted props that are given to people that I may have missed?

6 thoughts on “Who Got Tha Props?

  1. …who is J Cole? I seriously have no idea. So, he does not credit his talent but his complexion… This is why celebs sell less music, they take to social media or make crazy statements and we see how regular-minded they really are and we don’t buy the CD because we have seen them drunk, naked or read an ignant’ tweet… My apologies for the run on sentence. Needless to say, this is a great post, Breazy.

    1. Hey no problem, about the run on. I understand where J. Cole is coming from as far as the light skinned bonus, but it doesn’t really apply to Hip Hop. Now politics on the other hand is another story. When was the last time you’ve seen a brown/dark skinned politician (not name Condoleza Rice) be taken serious? Colorism still exists unfortunately.

  2. Huge group you missed completely… what about uneccessary praise for men who take care of their children? Fool, that is what you’re supposed to do! I hate hearing people say, ” it’s so nice to see a man stand up and take care of his children”. Isn’t this an inherent requirement of having offspring? ??? You don’t deserve a medal for “babysitting” your own kids. Great post!

    1. Michelle, I could not agree more. And this is especially true when the taking care of consist of leaving them with the new girlfriend or big mama on the weekend that they get them. Truly sad how low the bar is for men.

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