Real Niggas??

A lot has been said about non blacks especially whites using any derivation of the word Nigga, This is a debate that has gone on since we got off that free boat ride and will probably continue until the end of time no Tupac. With all the words that are in the dictionary, I simply don’t understand why white folks get so up in arms about not being able to use one word. It’s almost like they will die if they can’t say Nigga or Nigger. What’s even more perplexing is the fact that they just can’t understand why they can’t say the word. I personally think that it’s never ok for a white person to say Nigga or Nigger

Everybody wants to be a nigga, but no one wants to be a nigga.
Everybody wants to be a nigga, but no one wants to be a nigga.

Having said all of that, there are certain instances which I understand why white people want to say it, preferably not aloud but to themselves. Let’s be honest, we know how we can get, we know some of us love acting a damn fool which causes Black people even to call other Black people Niggas. Instances like the Connecticut mother that tossed her baby across the bus so she could fight another passenger ,or the parents of graduating students fighting at a kindergarten graduation?

I don’t know about you but to me that’s some Niggerish shit. It’s embarrassing and while I won’t be giving white people a free pass to say it, I understand why they would think it. Now this isn’t for the Paula Deen’s, Kramer’s and Riley Coopers of the world but for those that like us just can’t figure out why some black people do the dumb shit they do.

We’ll get mad at a white person for saying Nigga but turn a blind eye to niggerish acts that evoke reactions from blacks and whites, I know it’s kind of like what came first the chicken or the egg. We’ll laugh at the people on Love And Hip Hop, (any city) Real Housewives of Atlanta and other reality shoes that make Black people look like buffoons. Which in turn influences other people’s negative opinions and stereotypes of us. Let a white person call Mimi a nigger for slapping another cast mate, we would try to tar and feather their ass. Again I’m not excusing white people for saying nigga yet sometimes I can understand if they want to.

I’m not advocating that white people freely say the word and I do understand the painful and hurtful memories that are evoked whenever the word is used. But when Black people act in ways that make other Black people hang our head in shame, can we blame white people for thinking it?
Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

20 thoughts on “Real Niggas??

  1. Great post Breazy. See, I think there are 2 types of Black people: Black people and Niggas. Black people get upset with a Paula Deen because she is referencing Black people by calling them Niggas. Now if she has been watching that video and said, “Now that right there is some Nigga ish”, I for one would have had no problem with her. In the words of my beloved mother, “I love Black people, but hate niggas.”

  2. Like I said in a similar post, not only do I not blame them for thinking it, I don’t even blame them for saying it. Honestly, I think the only folks that SHOULD be offended are…. niggas.

  3. I think Ms. Paula Deen’s name will forever be synonymous with the *N* word and I bet she’s mortified by it. Goody for her! As I’ve always stated, white people saying it is basic and I’m never surprised when they do it. It’s when Black people do that makes my stomach cringe and it doesn’t matter to me who’s acting like what. Besides, there are so many other juicy superlatives to use!
    My Nanny used to say, “You ever hear an animal referring to it’s kind as ‘savage beasts’ no matter how wildly they get on.” Her proverb stuck with me…

    Interesting post Breazy 🙂

    1. I was told not to give someone a stick to beat you over the head with. So if you act a certain way, you are going to be judged by your actions and unfortunately sometimes so will other people.

  4. No matter how Black people act — it’s never an excuse for White people to use the N-word. When used by a White person, this word is a term employed to exercise a sense of power, power available from the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. We’ve not overcome so much that we should ever find it acceptable for White folks to utter the word, and not even when Black folks do some crazy things. I’m not sure how Black folks doing crazy things would merit them being called the N-word, especially when one applies the the full historical meanings of the word in the American context.

    1. I’m not saying that there is ever an excuse for white people to use the N-word. Because of how some of us act that makes me hang my head in shame, if white people were to think it, I could understand because I would be thinking it to. I’m not talking about overcoming the word and jim crow era, I’m just speaking about those that act in a manner that make us all look bad. Is it right for me to say it, probably not, just like it’s not right to be judged by the actions of a few.

      1. So, when White people see Black folks acting crazy, you can understand why they may be thinking the N-word about those Black folks? So you can understand that, at those moments, why they would see those Black folks as objects, property and not human?

  5. I’m with Mr.Daniels on this one. Although form my POV, it’s never acceptable for ANYONE to say it but, I’m not surprised when white people do because of the historical implications and oppressive power that word is loaded with.

    But Breazy – where’d you get that crazy picture? Them kids look straight ridiculous!!!! It’s bad to laugh at children but I can’t help it!!!!

    1. Whether or not it’s acceptable for anyone to say it doesn’t mean that those acts aren’t being done. The Last Poets made a comment about the NAACP having a funeral for the word nigger, saying it was foolish to have a funeral for it when the acts continue.

      As far as the picture, yeah I thought that was funny as hell. I found it on google images.

  6. I’m not of the mind that those incidents you referenced are “niggerish”. They are unfortunate. Opening the door for people to equate those actions with niggers also opens the door for those people to generalize that behavior on to the “respectable” Black community as well.

    1. While you might not equate those incidents as niggerish, I’m pretty sure that you can think of some. As much as we shouldn’t say those those about or to other blacks that doesn’t negate the facts that there are those of us that act like niggas. You can call it something different but I can almost guarantee to you that’s what others are calling it.

  7. listen. i was raised from a place where black people were few and far between. so there are certain things not part of my history and lexicon.

    i think the only time i say the n-word is when wrapping along to a song. and even then, i try to censor myself.

    why? because words mean things.
    plain and simple.

    i have a son and will tell him not to use that word. that NO one should use it, least of all he. he cannot control those around him that will use it (in either a racial way or otherwise), but he can control his own tongue.

    you never know who you are around and who is listening.

    i dont judge others, and many white folks are always going to find something to be hateful or mad about regardless of what we do or dont do.

  8. Great post, as always! My standing two cents is, the use of the N word should not be conditional. Paula Deen=wrong, rappers=justified, altered spelling=term of endearment… There is an abundance of words in the dictionary for us to choose from. I wonder why some of us are fighting so hard to hold on to this one.

  9. I’m glad that this topic is causing so much discussion, love the post. I’m of the mindset that I don’t like when ANYONE says it. Now I’ve said it before in the casual sense, if that’s even possible, and decided it was a horrible word even in the nig”GA” version. I’m in a unique situation where I live in Miami, which is predominantly a Latin city, and I’ve witnessed FOR YEARS people of Latin descent use the word speaking to each OTHER! In front of me , no less. And I’ve said to them that I don’t like when they used the word, and similar debates have started. Very interesting…

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