Has the computer age, scientists and Doctor’s gone to far? Einstein or Frankenstein, Dr. Scholls or Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide. Are we digging new ground, or digging our own graves..

I just want you to know, that I'll never call you again.  But I'll text and email you.
I just want you to know, that I’ll never call you again. But I’ll text and email you.

You know, I don’t know anybody’s telephone number, out of the 128 contacts in my phone, I only know (not including my house and cell phone numbers) six telephones by memory. Sad isn’t it? Technology has me so dependent on it that if I were to lose my phone, I wouldn’t be able to contact anybody – unless it was through Facebook or twitter. That’s the way the world seems to be going; between texting, RTing, DMing and liking something, the only way we get to have contact with each other is through technology and social media.

Think about it, for those of you that take public transportation, how many people’s faces do you actually see, while riding the bus or train? Most of the time I see either the top of people’s heads or the back of their heads, because they have their head down looking at their smart phone, laptop or tablet. It appears that human contact has going the way of the dodo bird, becoming almost extinct. It’s so commonplace for somebody to be on social media that, if you come across someone who doesn’t have a twitter page, let alone a Facebook page, we become suspicious of them, thinking they have something to hide.

Gone are the days when if we wanted to talk to someone, we would call them or just go to their house. Now e-mail and texts have all but replaced face to face contact. When I was younger, I use to like to write an actual letter to my friends, but now, ain’t nobody got time for that. It’s easier and quicker to send an e-mail or message through Facebook or Twitter. It’s a little disheartening that more and more people are far more comfortable liking your status update or RT-ing you than calling, or or just saying hello to you on the street. I’ve even been in vehicles where the passengers would rather text each other than turn their heads and talk face to face.

While it may seem like it’s a younger generation thing, my generation, along with the generations before us have played a part in this. We no longer tell our children to turn off the playstations and xbox’s and go outside to play with their friends, but yet we’ll sit around and wonder why our children have grown lazy. Probably because we are too busy refreshing our browser every ten minutes to see if someone liked our status or responded to one of our messages. I feel so bad for the younger generation. I Worry that they will forget what it is like to walk up to someone and actually say hello, or know how to function without having their smart phone for longer than 10 minutes.

Now I’m not going to act holier than thou; I like social networking. And because of it, through my blog I’ve been able to network, gain exposure and opportunities, and meet some close friends and good people. But there has to be a balance. Technology and social media have made networking easier, but sometimes at the expense of the tried and true technique of face to face contact. Nothing can replace the importance of being able to interact in social settings while intimately getting to know someone.

When did it all start? When did we allow ourselves to become so dependent on technology and social media that we base whether or not we have a life by how many online friends we have? And when did we become so afraid of simple human contact?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Oh Breazy Wan Kenobi

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