Do You Listen To Music, Or Do You Just Skim Through It?

I don’t know about you, but when I listen to music, I really listen. I’m not the kind of person that just listens to the beat, I listen to the lyrics, studying their context and style; Basically making me an American Idol judge, minus the Barbie bullshit, saying “Yo dog!” and Nick Cannon.

Anyhoo, I like to think of myself as someone who studies music. You see, it’s not enough for me to just listen to it, I have to touch and you tease it like Case if I’m going to like you. download your album buy your album. So if you want to you get out of my dreams and in to my car you are going to have to bring it which totally has nothing to do with 2 Chainz looking like a Muppet.

So grand dad, how do you like the Souljah Boy?  F*ck this sh*t wack.
So grand dad, how do you like the Souljah Boy? F*ck this sh*t wack.

Where was I? Oh yeah, back to the lecture at hand. I think that men and women listen to music differently.
I personally think that men have a deeper understanding of music than women. I’m ducking all shanks, 5 inch heels and packs of Outre Batik Synthetic Weave, Yaki 18″ (if you’re from Detroit) that are being thrown at me. Now this isn’t to that women aren’t knowledgeable about music but instead listen differently than men. We both require different things from music, women may just want something to dance to, whereas men we want our music to speak to us and at times be the voice that we don’t have.

We men will get into our feelings when listening to music, even though we won’t admit it, we’ll listen so closely to an artist that we like, dissecting his/her lyrics pressing rewind 4 or 5 times before giving our stamp of approval. Or, if we hear something wack, we’ll stop listening. Period. We’ll take what should be a seamless and enjoyable experience (listening to music) and turn it into an episode of The Next 48 hours, listening so intently that you would think we were Bill Duke from Menace II Society, waiting for a chance to say, “You know you done f*cked up right?” when we hear something we that we don’t like. Oh and don’t let it be a wack rapper (Waka Flocka Flame) we will roast his ass if we think his lyrics are sub-par.(Which his are.)

When women listen to music they can listen because it’s fun, because they like to dance, Beyonce has them brainwashed, or because they like the beat, making the lyrics sometimes obsolete. Since women don’t necessarily require the music they listen to to prove something to them like men do, they can dance to songs like ‘Put It In Your Mouth’ and ‘D*ck in your life’, because the beat makes them want to dance.

Men debate music differently. We’ll turn music and everything else into some pissing contest where we will try to argue our personal opinion like it’s fact or until you see things our way.
Case in point; Have you witnessed two men debating who is the G.O.A.T between Jay-Z or Nas?(For me it’s Ice Cube) That shit can turn real ugly, real fast. Hell it’ll almost become a blood sport if they both don’t agree. But I bet if you witnessed the same debate between women, while there may be some choice words, I believe it would be a lot different. Even if they study and listened to both emcees lyrics, I doubt you’ll need to have a paramedic on standby.

So what do you think? Other than me generalizing women, do you think that I’m missing the mark? Do you think that men and women listen to and look for different things in their music? Am I just being misogynistic?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Iovine.

10 thoughts on “Do You Listen To Music, Or Do You Just Skim Through It?

  1. Hmmm…interesting observations. I like to listen to music while writing, it calms my scatterbrain. Lol I choose a song based on what I’m writing. But I do agree that men dissect rap lyrics as if they were right there with the artist when the song was created. And don’t tell them they weren’t either. Lol great post!

  2. Right on point as always. How else could women enjoy songs where they are constantly being called b*tches and h*es. Oh that is right, they aren’t talking about them. They are talking about those other women.

  3. I require more from my music than that and the lyrics have to speak to me too. I’m a poet and writer so naturally I listen to the words… I believe that after a certain age, self-respecting women don’t dance to songs like the ones mentioned above no matter how “catchy” the rhythm.
    I don’t know Breazy -I think I’m going to have to call blanketideologygeneralizedmisogonism BIG TIME on this one friend!

    It’s ok though, I still liked your post 😉

    1. I appreciate and respect your opinion. I should have prefaced the post by stating that the idea came from a discussion that a group of us were having where one of my women friends said that men take music seriously than women and that some women don’t require the same thing as men. Men, we always want to judge just how “real” someone is based off of their music, which admittedly is dumb. I think everybody wants to hear substance in the music but I think men take it a little farther by judging the artists worth sometimes.

      1. I guess it also depends upon the type of women who listen to music. Some simply enjoy listening and others, see music similar to poetry in that it can invoke feelings or sentiments or, communicate an emotion better than her own words. I suppose, in my mind. music is the like a universal language in that it can communicate many different things to and for many different people… I for one take my music way too seriously but, I still have my guilty pleasures. (ie: Bad Bitches) Technically, I should NOT find that record appealing in anyway shape or form even if Drake’s on it and he’s from the T.Dot…
        Calling women b*tches is a no-no for me and 2 Chainz sucks to me and ASAP Rocky’s too profane and seemingly shallow for my reasonable mature listening enjoyment BUT – I hear it, and the devil inside me get’s out of her damn skin. That track is bad for so many reasons… And I loves it!

      2. OMG – I take everything in life farther thank it has to go… I think in my former life I must have been a guy and now all this emotionality is Karma paying me back!

  4. I’m a music snob, so I pay attention to the entire structure of an album, not just it’s songs. If it sounds “off”, I’ll disegard an artist all together.

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