The Law Of Attraction.

What attracts you to a person? Well that’s an easy question! Or is it? Initially it’s the other person’s looks that attracts us to him or her. Because looks are all we have to go on before getting to know the person. But are looks alone enough to keep the attraction alive? Fellas how many times have been attracted to a big ass and tig ol bitties, only to find out that the her idol is Karine Steffans? Ladies how many times have you been attracted to 6’2, broad shoulders and white teeth, only to find out that he couldn’t spell cat even if you spotted him the C and the T? So once again are looks alone enough?

Hey, it's the law of attraction.
Hey, it’s the law of attraction.

That’s not to say that the looks aren’t important or should be underestimated. You wouldn’t be interested in someone you didn’t feel was attractive to you, would you? For men looks are a major part of attraction, since we tend to be more visual then women. Unfortunately, some of us cannot look past the looks which can lead to a lot headaches and pain. That’s not to say that all men are like this or shallow, but a lot of us are. Even women aren’t immune to being shallow, I know some women that pick their mates based off the physical traits they hope the man passes onto their children. The point being is that looks is what draws us in.

While looks scratches the surface and gets you in the door what is it about the other person that keeps your interest? I mean sooner or later you are going to have to talk to that person to find out their likes, dislikes and whether or not you are meant to be together at some point right? You can’t just stare at the person all the time while being mimes. So that’s when things like personality traits, compatibility, sex drive, being double jointed with not gag reflex stability comes into play? Hopefully once the looks dust settles you can get to the meat of what the other person is about.

If you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone, I would hope it’s with someone you love beyond the physical (unless you’re Hugh Hefner), compatible with and just can’t see not being in your life. Once those throws some D’s on that b*tch fall down to triple F’s and 6’2 turn’s into 5’10 from hunching over it’s just you and that person and the love, that you share, if there was love in the first place.

I’m curious, what attracts you to another person and do you think it’ll keep you attracted later on in your relationship?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Hun.

3 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction.

  1. It’s all about the humor and being able to talk about 2 butterflies pissing in the wind…In other words, nothing… That with a dose of humility and forgiveness thrown in makes for longevity and pasión!

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