Modern Day Wench.

Today’s guest post comes from fellow blogger Asia El (she blogs at and my joint co-host of Shawn Hill’s podcast every Tuesday from 8-9 CST, 9-10 EST. Since this is her first time here, and she’s from Brooklyn let’s spread love like it’s the Brooklyn way.

Asia El is a Brooklyn, NY native, currently living in Georgia. Her life experiences are as unique as her views. Asia is currently working on her first book which will be semi-autobiographical. Her blog provides an introspective look at the topics that perpetuate the negative images of Black American women in our social media driven culture. She is a writer, makeup artist, and skin care specialist. Asia has served in the U.S. Army, owned three businesses and is currently developing an online business.

The Modern Day Wench???
The Modern Day Wench???

Modern Day Wench
Wench, n. a low, vicious young women; a drab; a strumpet.
Also described as unstable, weak, a colored woman and negress.

The influence of the Black woman in American culture is prevalent and undeniable. Our bodies embrace the beat of music in a hypnotizing manner. The Women of other ethnicities willingly take the risk of developing melanoma (skin cancer) to achieve a more brown/golden/bronze complexion. Lip injections are used to create a full, sexy pout. White women who once scoffed at the shear thought of a large butt; are now going under the knife to stake their claim to a bigger ass. The practice of gynecology as we know it would not be, had there not been painful, torturous, unanesthetized experiments on the bodies of Black female slaves.

Slave owners marveled at the shape and strength of the Black woman’s body. It was raped by slave owners, put on display at carnivals and side shows as an exotic oddity, used to breed healthy workers for thriving plantations, and unceremoniously discarded when it was too old or no longer able to reproduce. There was no choice or free will, she was paid for property.

Was it a mistake to allow us our freedom? We sign up in droves to be a glorified stripper, side chick or celebrity affiliated wife. We lighten our skin, hide our natural hair, exposed our bodies, wear a bad attitude like a badge of honor, and have the audacity to curse the Black men who prefer an original over the copy. There are countless websites, books seminars, groups, and sermons dedicated to teaching Black women how to simply exist. Because we are now the architects of our own demise; we have created profit for others on a global scale. There is a segment of Black women who are delighted to sail on the exhaust fumes of celebrity baby daddy’s success.

If you are a man or lesbian who loves, appreciates, dates and is aware of the decline of Black women; your honesty is crucial. Let the glorified stripper know that her false confidence and lack of self worth is frighteningly obvious. We must teach our teenagers that Niki Minaj is a gimmick. Twerking is not a skill. Femininity is powerful. Not all Black men are gay or in prison, and if he is gay move on and focus on a heterosexual man. If you are an enlightened Black woman do not shun our ratchet sisters. It is your duty to share what you know. The Black woman who insults the other, lowers her stock.

I hope this is received in the spirit it is given.

Asia El.

You can find her on Facebook at GlossBoss (Asia El) and Twitter @GlossBossEl

2 thoughts on “Modern Day Wench.

  1. What we need to do as Black women is to support each other. This means telling it like it is to a “sister” we see heading in the wrong direction or making poor life choices. While we are telling it like it is we should also be prepared to offer some solutions.Only when we change our own mindset will we really see any major shift in how we are perceived.

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