After posting the “If You Are Ghetto And You Know It” and “Signs That You Are Bougie” posts, a few of you asked me to do a post about ratchet high class and boughetto (Bougie and Ghetto) people. So, since you the people asked for it, I had no choice but to give the people what they want. Now for those of you that are stuck between ratchet and bougie but may not know it, here are a couple of tips to help you determine if you are more Carlton Banks or Lil Scrappy, more Whitley Gilbert or Reamy Ma, or both. You can thank me later.

Forget the bougie part, this is just ghetto.
Forget the bougie part, this is just ghetto.

You have a quarter tank of gas in a new E-class.

You have 22 inch rims on a Chrysler 300.

You wear a pair of Chuck Taylors or Jordans with a designer suit (I do this).

You do the Wobble at the company Christmas party.

You have your wedding reception at a five star hotel but have it catered with chicken wings and Hennessy. And if you and your spouse pledged any Greek organizations and your first dance is a joint party hop.

You live in a gated community with a security gaurd (no George Zimmerman) but your bills are in your child’s name.

You have candy paint on a Dodge Charger.

At your family reunion, your 85 year old aunts are always trying to fight the 30 something year old neices over which Sorrority is the best, Delta Sigma Theta or AKA.

You wear Jordans and a snapback hat with a pair of 7 jeans.

You keep a blade in your Michael Koors purse.

So there you have it, Breazy’s sure fire way to tell if you are ratchet, bougie or a hybrid of both. And if you are, you probably need help. Are there any other examples you would like to add?

Talk to me, I’ll talk.

Breazy Fly Snuka.

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