Signs That You Are Bougie!

I bet she drinks with her pinky in the air.
I bet she drinks with her pinky in the air.
Have you been called bougie by your friends because you would rather go to a concert of someone that only you and five other people walking this earth have heard of? Do people call you Hillary Banks just because you refuse to wear something that was made by an American designer? What about being called sadity just because you refuse to commit to attending a function without knowing who else is on the guest list? If any of these sound familiar, then you my friend are bougie. If you don’t agree with me, check out these 6 signs of sadity-ness to see if you are. Please proceed with caution, the truth hurts.

1. Bougie people love to see and be seen

For bougie people, it’s not enough to go to a function, it has to be the hottest event for them to attend. Because bougie people have to see and be seen, they will arrive fashionably late and dressed to a T – to even the most random event. They always make it a point to know where all the cameras are. Posing for pictures they may never see doesn’t matter, what does matter is that they’ve allowed somebody to take a picture of them.

2. Too good for the hood

Bougie people may love chicken & waffles, but don’t expect to see them a carry-out joint in the ‘hood anytime soon. They will go out of the way to prove that they moved on up to the eastside and that deluxe apartment in the sky that the only time you’ll catch them in the hood is when they are making the yearly visit to grandma’s (that they were shamed into doing) for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

3. They have to know who is going to be there

Bougie people always have to know who is going to a social function before they commit to going. In addition to arriving fashionably late bougie people may not arrive at all if someone who isn’t in their circle will be attending. Also if someone they feel is beneath their social status is invited, they’ll feel going is not worth their time and will give a bullshit excuse on why the can’t make it.

4. Always have to be the first to experience something

Bougie people love being the first to find out about the newest and latest things. The latest restaurant, fashion or art exhibit are examples of things that bougie people have to be the first to partake in before it becomes popular and goes mainstream.

5. Only like obscure shit

Bougie people for some reason go out of their way to find the hard to find shit. The more obscure the better; anything that more than 5 people know isn’t obscure enough. Bougie people love bragging about an artist or independent film that they discovered but won’t give you to many details for fear it’ll lose it’s luster.

6. Label whore

Bougie people love labels; it’s like drawing a moth to a flame, and the harder the name is to pronounce the better. Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Prada are all staples with the bougie fashion conscious crowd. Anything less than these designers is uncivilized, and besides bougie people wouldn’t caught dead wearing a discount look.

These are a few examples that I could think of to best describe bougie behavior. Do you know of anymore? Please feel free to share.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

The Narrator Breazy

7 thoughts on “Signs That You Are Bougie!

  1. I know so many Black people (mostly women) who believe this is a compliment and use it to propel and justify their shallow superficiality. In other words, it provides them with the perfect distraction for actually being useful.

    You know what’s so ironic about the thing? Bourgeois simply means “middle class” not rich, not well-off, not “better than” it simply means middle class. It’s not a compliment nor a put down, just a statement in reference to “class” or financial/social class.

    Black people need to smarten up and stop thinking that racism is more important than classism because although the two walk hand-in-hand, it’s not even remotely as dangerous or far reaching.

    I know your article was only poking fun but now it has me thinking of other things… Thanks Breazy!!!

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