I’m Fly!

sA8fN40096[1]Let’s all be honest we love attention, especially when it comes from the opposite sex, I mean who wouldn’t? Just the fact that someone finds us attractive stimulates our self-esteem and ego through the roof and moistens panties. Attention and sex are the main reasons why men get haircuts, clean up, dress fly and pretty much breathe. And why women wear club clothes to work. Whether it’s subtle like a coy smile, a compliment or full blown, like damn ma, I’m trying to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Unexpected but wanted attention can have us feeling ourselves like Pee Wee Herman.

And there really is nothing wrong with feeling ourselves within reason of course. A compliment could be the assurance we need to know that we still “got it”. But may also have some people dressing 20 years younger like Mariah Carey going on a shopping spree at Forever 21. But having said there are people (attention whores) that purposely go out of their way to fish for attention like Rihanna at a Meek Mill concert from the opposite sex. You’ve seen them, the chick at the club wearing 3 coke bottle tops and dental floss covered by something shear, dry humping and waxing the floor like Danielson. That dude that wears a three-piece suit that he went home to change into after work to happy hour, with a pocket square and shades.

Hell to keep it one hundred thousand trillion, I’m not going to act like I never fished for a compliment before. In the past I can admit to wearing something, doing something or saying something that I knew at the end of the night would allow me perform an oral exam on a woman patient. So again I’m not above reproach since I’ve been guilty of doing this to.

So the question is, what, if anything, have you done, or currently do, to gain the opposite sex’s attention?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Dee Williams

4 thoughts on “I’m Fly!

  1. I can honestly say I dress for myself all the time. I am very much a girly girl so to speak. Hair gets done, nails done and feet. I enjoy wearing high heels and a dress even in the heat. I think what attracts attention from men is my self confidence.

    1. I think we all dress for ourselves (I hope) but I think sometimes if we know we might get a little more attention from wearing a certain outfit or hairdo, we’ll wear it because it makes our day a little better IMO. Thanks for commenting.

  2. This was a great post. I think the “fishing for compliments” thing really depends on the person. If you are being validated at home, there is no need to go out looking for someone else to validate you with compliments. I see this quite a bit in and out of the workplace and it so sad. Looking at it the best that I can from a male point of view, I so get it. There are women in the world that will let a man get all up, in and through the panties just for saying she has a nice smile. lol. Girl, bye! Get your life. Thank you for admitting that you have done this yourself, Breezy. lol. To answer the question, I think that if you have to think about what to do to get attention, then you’re starting wrong to begin with. Having self confidence and respect will dictate how you carry yourself and the vibe that you exude. This is what the men of quality will be attracted to. This is not to say that skin tight dresses and blouses won’t get their attention, but what will keep it? (Maybe, I’ve gotten too deep, LOL)

  3. This is fantastic. I am actually working on a blog about the same thing, regarding women and why we dress the way we do. I am sad to say that when I was younger (teens), I would purposely pull up my shirt in the back above my pants so boys would see my butt. Needless to say, I got a lot of attention, and not the best! I personally feel we do dress for the attraction of the opposite sex ( most of the time), but I will elaborate at a later date. 🙂 Great discussion,

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