Stop Being A Sucker For Love.

Don't Be The Next Victim
Don’t Be The Next Victim.
Today at CP I am opening the floor to a guest poster, since I’m probably indisposed due to the holiday. Today’s post comes from Mark Anthony Harris who is a fellow blogger and Corner Politics commenter. He blogs at You can follow him on twitter at @darcwonn1906. Let’s do like Showbiz and AG and give him a soul clap.

Humans, especially those that live in America, are suckers. Not all. I’m not sure as to “most”. But I can say that plenty of us should be wrapped in a Blow Pop wrapper with a paper stick up our asses. In fact, many of us should choose between “grape”, “cherry”, and “green apple”.

Why do I say this? Let me break down this scenario:

I was talking to someone about their relationship issues. She explained to me that she liked two guys that were friends. The first guy (let us name him Tim) dated her, but nothing evolved from it. The second guy (let us call him Bob) was the bigger winner. He knew from the beginning that she had a thing for Tim. Yet, he pursued her anyway.
What happens is something of typical relationships: it doesn’t work out. Bob has his hang ups about the female because he wants to “act jealous about Tim”. He breaks it off just to date her again, have sex, and then break it off finally. Once and for all, they were an item no more.

NOW, she wants to consult me about trying to get back with Bob. She says “she wants her ex back”. Problem is this: they were never “boyfriend and girlfriend”. So, they dated and fucked each other’s brains out. The other problem is that she didn’t actually do anything worthwhile to cause the rift. Even noting that he started seeing other people, I told her the logical thing: stop worrying about it and move on with your life.

Oh, why did I do that?

Instead, I was met with a tirade of madness from her “questioning my credentials” to her calling me confused and crazy because I got tired of her badgering about it and said “Then go make it work for yourself”. Yeah, she got confused by me saying “go make it work for yourself” when she felt I told her “she had no chance”. Too bad those weren’t my words.
Why did I go through this? I went through it because I didn’t “give her advice on getting him back”.

THEN, it evolved into the biggest fiasco ever: she wanted to recommend/comment with the “Text Your Ex Back” system. A program invented by Michael Fiore to rob people blind get people back together, it uses the art of text messaging to actually make sure people get back together. Instead of waiting around for your “lost mate” to make a decision, you can help ease them into it. Taking a more proactive approach, Text Your Ex Back works to save a relationship. In the end, why leave them alone when you can always get them back?

Then it hit me.

In America, there are two things that will always sell besides sex: hope and dope. Judging by the fact that Michael Fiore doesn’t sell Blue Magic nor has a soundtrack by Jay-Z, I figured he was selling hope. He wanted to sell hope for those that seem lost. He wanted to sell hope for those that seemed desperate. He wanted to sell hope when many people were told there was none.

Yet, after doing some research, I was hard pressed to believe any of the worth in this system Michael was selling. Many sites that said they “reviewed” the product didn’t do that at all. Instead, it segued into selling the product.
So, who was winning: Michael Fiore or the people in frantic need of getting back with their ex?

I say all of this to remind everyone of one thing: stop looking for love miracles. There aren’t any. Being a sucker for love brings out the worst bouts of desperation. Yet, you have to be smart about the things that occur. Love takes work and love comes and goes. Respectfully, understand that and make sure you know that it takes two to make it work.
‘Nuff said and ‘Nuff respect!!!

3 thoughts on “Stop Being A Sucker For Love.

  1. This may indeed be my favorite post of yours. As you know, being in the “Advise & Disclose” business, you are going to get people who absolutely DEMONIZE you for not giving them the dumb @ss advice that they were hoping for. Someone like that doesn’t really want a solution – they want d-rider to co-sign on their foolishness, and add credibility to it. Glad you stayed true regardless of the outcome. 🙂

  2. Good piece. It’s important for people to have realistic expectations about how to develop and maintain loving relationships. Those realistic expectations about loving relationships have to emerge from practical experience with what it takes to develop and maintain successful loving relationships.

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