Simply Irresistible

For being too sexy and not coming on to me.
For being too sexy and not coming on to me.
Imagine working with/for your boss for 10 years and then suddenly being fired because you are a threat to his/her marriage. This wouldn’t seem strange if you and your boss and you actually had an affair. However but can you imagine being fired for not leading your boss on, or coming to him/her but because they cannot keep their hormones in check? I don’t know about you but I would rather be lied to. You are not going to tell me that because you feel some kind of way about me even though sexually the feelings aren’t mutual, that you are going to let me go because you find me too irresistible (which I am) and you can’t trust yourself around me. GTFOH.

This is exactly what happened to a Dental hygienist in Iowa. Melissa Nelson a married mother of two, was summoned to a meeting by her then boss Dr. James Knight and was given the pink slip because he felt that Nelson was a threat to his marriage. Again this would make more since if they were actually involved in an affair. Not only were they not having an affair, but when they did communicate outside of work it was through text messaging. Both parties affirmed that the texts were work related and the only personal in nature pertained to such updates about each of their children’s activities. So otherwise mundane. The only time a line was crossed was when Knight sent Nelson a text asking how many times does she experience an orgasm, which she ignored. Nelson sued, claiming her firing was a form of gender discrimination.

After Kinght’s wife who also works at the practice found out about the text messaging she ordered him to fire Nelson. Seems to me the wife wears the pants in the family. Because of her husband’s wandering eye and her own insecurity a valued employee of over a decade is let go because of something that had nothing to do with her. I could understand if Nelson came to work everyday with twins popping out and a come-get-me skirt, always bending over to pick up a pencil that she dropped. I can even understand if she told him that she doesn’t have tonsils asked him to check them after work but, according to court documents this wasn’t the case. Oh and to make matters worse Knight and his wife consulted with a senior pastor (sat in on the meeting where Nelson was fired) at their church and he agreed that Nelson should be fired in order to protect their marriage.

What kind of a church does Knight and his wife attend where the ministers advise by removing all accountability from it’s members and placing the blame solely on an unsuspecting victim?

I guess this is just a case of common sense not being common and just how good we have it here in America. We live in a country that allows us to fire people that haven’t done anything wrong but because we feel like we can’t be faithful. Man it feels good to be an American.

What do you think? Have you experienced anything like this, or thought about doing anything like this?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

A Pimp Named Breazy.

5 thoughts on “Simply Irresistible

  1. Absolutely ridiculous. Never happened to me, but it seems like she would have a case. Unless she lives in one of those awesome states ( like Florida or Michigan) which can fire you for essentially no reason, in which case she’s screwed.

    1. Yeah this is crazy. The fact that you can be fired because someone else finds you attractive is beyond me. I don’t know much about Iowa (it happened in Iowa) but I can see something this backwards happening there.

  2. This is a perfect sexual harassment case if I’ve ever heard of one. Remember, in the work place sexual harassment covers numerous acts. She has a claim against the act of stupidity on the person doing the firing. I have no comment on the mans associations.

  3. Perfect sexual harassment and discrimination case, yes. Full of all kinds of WTFs and BS?! Also yes. I’m kinda looking sideways at the whole situation, especially the part about the pastor.

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