Obey Your Thirst!

Trust me ladies the struggle and thirst is real.
Trust me ladies the struggle and thirst is real.
Since summer is in full swing, ladies, a lot of you can expect a high level thirstiness from men. Men on the street, social media sights, even men in church (Trust me, Deacon Johnson couldn’t wait for the summer just so you can wear shorter dresses and skirts). This shouldn’t deter you from wearing your summer clothes that make you feel summer-y and sexy. But unfortunately ladies, some men just don’t know how to act.

We know, you ladies hate thirsty ass men. You know the type who will leave a comment on your facebook page about a picture of you and your mother leaving a funeral, saying “damn ma you look good in mourning, I’ll drink your bath water through a straw” or that dude you just met, going back and liking your pictures from 2002. These are also the type of dudes that buy you one drink at the club and then thinks y’all go together.

I can’t excuse or condone this kind of behavior, and honestly, it makes all guys look bad. Hell the good ones can’t even give you a simple compliment anymore without you anticpating him saying something like “when I die, I want to come back as your maxipad”. Leave it up to me, I would open up concentration camps especially for them, line them all up singe file, and tell them to walk towards a cliff and don’t watch your step.

Anywho, while I can’t condone such behavior, not all of the blame falls at the feet of men. Some women have to shoulder some of the blame as well, not my readers I’m sure. But I’m speaking about the women whose 400 facebook pictures look like they are modeling the newest summer line from T and A, dying for attention.

How can you expect a dude to not say “Damn ma, I’m trying to see how those hips work.” You see ladies, sometimes you are to blame for some of these thirsty dudes; dudes that wander the wilderness for 40 years and here you go looking like a can of Sprite (obey your thirst).

These are the same ladies that will go to clubs half naked, showing the world what their mamas gave them, but then turn around and be offended if a guy asks them to dance, like it’s our fault we can see her nipple piercing and tweety bird tattoo through your sheer dress.

I’m not saying that you can’t dress sexy, but remember, the term sexy is subjective. If you get a lot “I want to see what that throat is like comments”, you might want to check your wardrobe. And if you are wearing three coke tops and dental floss, you know why. You see, one can’t function without the other. Sometimes for every thirsty dude their is a woman bartender.

What do you think ladies and gentlemen? Ladies how do you handle thirsty men? Fellas how do you act around a woman that you know is dying for attention by the way that she dresses? Who is to blame? And is anybody more at fault?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy the Narrator.

11 thoughts on “Obey Your Thirst!

  1. hmmm i do see both sides of this discussion… everyone should be able to wear what they want, when they want but this is just not the case… sometimes i secretly wish that large, masculine gay men would start to do the same things to men on the regular ie i see your nipples through that wife beater my dude, what’s good, or your ass is looking mighty fat under those boxers, can i beat, or i see you sweating through that t i wonder if i can make you sweat like that, or you guzzling that water real quick son, what else you like to guzzle? my point being, almost anything worn in the summer can be revealing and incite unwanted commentary… people need to just shut up and let others be

    as for me… i am the queen of street harassment, if there is a dude in the vicinity that has no qualms about being rude, he will say something to me…

    ive heard:

    you look like you got real wet pus*y
    im wondering if you through that as* back?
    do you ti*y fvck?

    i used to quicken my step, now since i am old, i laugh, look dude in the face and ask him if that line typically gets him the cheeks..

    1. Yoles! What’s good? I understand your point, anything can incite a thirsty response that’s why I used the funeral example.

      But truth be told there some women that welcome the attention and thirsty responses. Hell some even go out of their way for them. I’m not trying to put all the blame on them.

      We menfolk will be thirsty even if you wore a bearskin rug, I guess it’s one if those “what came first? The chicken or the egg” kind of arguments.

      1. i live in tight clothes so i do understand the seeking of the thirst but what’s the limit… i say no stalking and no touching but that’s just me

      2. I actually don’t think (most) tight clothing is bad. But I’m sure you’ve seen women on FB, twitter and Instagram basically wearing loin cloths and pasties.

      3. Believe me Yoles, I’m with you. I’m not a fan of thristy comments and sure as hell don’t condonde physical harassment or worse. I’m not trying to point the finger at any one group, if I was I’d blame the men. But I can’t expect to go out the house next and be surprised or get upset at the comments I get.

      1. You’d be surprise what goes on in some churches. I’ve seen things that make people loose their religion. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      2. I believe it! I was raised Baptist. Grew up SANGIN’ in a Baptist choir. Need I say more? I loves my people though, be they thirsty or be they dry as chips 🙂

  2. Great post my brother. You are right there are thristy men and women out there. I would pray that our ladies show more class when going to church. Some women I dont know if they are going to church or to the club.

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen both sides of the church coin. I’ve seen women wear short skirts and dresses and I’ve seen men in the church wanting to lay hands on them no matter what they have on. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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