Make It Rain.

This is the newest Olympic event, Tricking.  Sponsored by YMCMB.
This is the newest Olympic event, Tricking. Sponsored by YMCMB.
What is the fascination with the strip club? I’ve never understood how men and women too could spend so much of their lives in a strip club. Now I do understand the fascination with seeing women being able to make what the little clothes that they do wear disappear, and are able to do wondrous and magnificent things with their bodies as well as use accessories. Have you seen what some can do with a string of pearls and a Virginia Slim cigarette? No? I have and believe you me it is an awe-inspiring sight, kind of like seeing a rainbow for the first time.

I digress, I can’t see how some people plan their lives around the “booty” clubs as they are called in Atlanta. Speaking of Atlanta, did you know there are just as many strip clubs as there are churches? I wonder if it’s hard deciding whether to put your stack of 1’s down a garter belt or in a collection plate.

I don’t knock those that go to strip clubs, I mean we all need a little release, no pun intended. Even I’ve gone to them a time or two, but you won’t mistake me for furniture or the DJ. And if going to see bald vajay jay and high heel stilleteoes multiple times a week calms the savage beast within people I’m all for it.

The problem that I do have is when tipping “Black Buttafly” becomes a monthly expense. If you make enough money where you can budget “making it rain” money then more power to you. IMO, I would still say you either have a problem or besides going to strip club you haven’t had it, since it had you. I’ve been clubs in Atlanta where men and women were competing to make it rain.

Besides, I can’t justify paying someone to tease me, Even if you live in a state where you can touch the dancers, you are still paying someone to tease you. To me, if I wanted to be teased then I’ll just watch porn, it’s a lot less expensive and in a controlled environment.

Even Jermaine Dupri who has been known to pay college tuitions and furnish dancer’s apartments many a night has decided to cut back going to strip clubs. Saying going to strip clubs in Atlanta has become a contact sport where men go to the for other men – no Jason Collins. Meaning men go to see how much money the next man spends so he can be a bigger trick and spend more 1’s.

This is just my opinion on the whole strip club thing. So will can someone please tell me what is so great about strip clubs

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breaze Diggler.

8 thoughts on “Make It Rain.

  1. I certainly don’t understand the fascination with strip clubs either. I don’t really think many men are truly fascinated with strip clubs, though. I think it is more about putting on this hypermasculine persona for their male friends. If they really want to see women do some amazing things, then they could watch porn films over and over and it costs less. Good article and interesting topic.

    1. Hey thanks. This is something that has been on y mind for a while. Yeah, even the few times I’ve gone (I’ve been less than 10 times in my llife) it was because someone else suggested it. It’s definetely not my first choice of things to do. It’s not the strip clubs that I have a problem with but the attitude of some people that go. It’s like it’s the only thing that matters to some people. And I will ever understand why men are in a rush to waste money and brag about it.

      1. American culture is dominated by materialistic values and thought, which helps to shed light on why men “rush to waste money and brag about it.” I think it’s quite sad but you’ve highlighted one classic example of postmodern American materialism here.

      2. I wonder why that is. I can understand enjoying the fruits of your labor but do it in a boastful way is beyond me. It’s almost like dudes are happy to throw away money just so they could be admired.

      3. True. Materialism is illogical so the admiration for throwing away one’s money coincides with the illogicality of materialism. Many people are simply vain and will find anything to boast about. In many ways, they’re wasting this money for social acceptance with the group(s) they hang with.

  2. This is a great post man! I am not against strip clubs, as I have worked in one of the best in ATL—>as a cocktail server guys lol. And for the guys in there it is all about show. Who can trick off the most money and not flinch about it. It is definitely a sight to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned it into a sport.

    1. Thank you. I’m not against them either, I have been a couple of times. I’m just trying to figure out what is so special about them that it makes grown men act like 5 year kids. LOL.

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