I’m Not A Rapper, I’m A Hustler.

Coming soon, the new clothing line from Souljah Boy,
Coming soon, the new clothing line from Souljah Boy,
Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and thousands of no-named random (do you know how much talent it takes to be a no-named random person?) “lil’s” and “big’s” have used this saying to reference the fact they have surpassed rapper status and have become a musical Freeway Rick Ross or Nino Brown because of all the money they make and endorsements deals. While I don’t knock their hustle – no pun intended – I find it a little off setting that so many people that got their start from my beloved Hip Hop and were able to parlay that into other avenues, seem to turn their back on their beginnings.

I know you are probably wondering what does this have to do with today’s post? I’m glad you asked. You see, while I am a blogger, I don’t consider myself to be a writer much less a blogger. I know, I know, “I contradicted myself but I don’t that now”, the truth is I am no more a writer than OJ Da Juiceman is a rapper. What I am is America’s nightmare; I’m young, black with good Wi-Fi, and I have an opinion.

I am a sh*t talker with an opinion about everything. I don’t give a lot of advice nor do I try to drop jewels. What I do is write about something of interest to me, whether it’s in the news or a topic that’s on my mind and give my opinion. And that’s what I think separates me from most bloggers.

I try to represent the everyday person, hence the name Corner Politics. I try to bring the barbershop, beauty salon and the hanging on the corner with your homies type conversations to the blogosphere. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve been called everything from a chauvinist, to a sexist and a misogynist, and that’s ok, I value the response no matter if it’s positive or not. I have also been accused of demonizing women as well as having issues with women, and again I respect and value the response. As a matter of fact, I will approve any response left on my posts as long as you don’t talk about my mama.

I understood when I started the blog that I wasn’t going to please every one and some posts might strike a note with some and some not all. My intent was/is never to purposely offend anyone, but if someone is offended then I wear it as a badge of honor, because it lets me know that what I’m doing means something to the reader. I even have my picture in the about me section, not only to let people know what I look like, but to let people know I stand behind what I say 100% that if they feel strongly about anything I’ve said, you all can feel free to approach me on the street if you want to.

Again I think this is another difference between me and more seasoned bloggers and writers; because of my regular person attitude and outlook, I think I approach negative feedback as a part of life rather than an attack on me and my brand.

But, do trust and believe I love this blogging sh*t and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I would blog no matter if I had 1 reader or 1000 readers (preferably 1000). As long as there is sh*t that needs to be said, I’m going to say it like your favorite drunk uncle playing spades. And no matter the response I get from readers, I will not back down, nor be intimidated; I’m going to keep on talking sh*t. So in actuality, I’m not really a Blogger, I’m a sh*t talker, so get your pooper scooper out because I’m talking sh*t.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

The Narrator Breazy.

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