When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong 2!

I wonder how "real" does he feel now.
I wonder how “real” he feels now.
And the award for most ratchet at a graduation goes to. In case you missed it 8 people were arrested at a Cleveland area Kindergarten graduation, that’s right you read that correctly a Kindergarten graduation. To say that this breaks, f*ck tips the ratchet scales is about as much of an understatement as Kanye West’s new album my suck. Seriously have you heard Kanye’s two singles New Slaves and Black Skinheads suck more than Karine Steffens, but I digress. And unfortunately they were black.

Reports indicate that a spilled cup of punch sparked an argument that caused two teenagers to get into a dispute taking it outside where it became physical. Well at least they had half enough sense to take outside and away from the babies that were graduating. Once outside someone grabbed a club or a stick and one person grabbed a hammer (what the f*ck were they trying to do prop up a hood of a car and build a club house). Oh yeah the school was also on lock down because there was a report of a gunshot, which was proved to be false.

Now I like Kool-Aid just like the next person but I’m not going to start argument just because the last cup was spilled, let alone turn it into a brawl, but that’s just me. Once the smoke cleared seven adults and one teenager were arrested for aggravated rioting and prosecutors will decide whether to charge them.

By getting into a fight at a Kindergarten Graduation, what kind of example are we setting for our babies? With such lack of regard for those babies, that they go into a celebration that is suppose to give 4, 5 and 6-year-old’s, a sense of pride, self worth and dignity for what they have accomplished, and ruins it all because someone felt disrespected? Ahh yes disrespect causes more deaths amongst African American males ages 18 – 30 than NYPD, high blood pressure, hypertension and Sanford FL residents.

Well, what do you think? Where does this rate on your ratchet spectrum on a scale of 1 – Chris Brown? For me I would have to rate it on the level of Stevie J’s facial expressions, which is beyond the number 10.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Narrator.

5 thoughts on “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong 2!

    1. If it only it was that simple to distance ourseleves from those that make us all look bad. Unfourunately the actions of a few represent all of us in the eyes of others. But I agree with you and that’s the same thing that I said.

  1. Please put the reason why the brawl broke out when you create these posts. I’d like to see what caused the brawl. I believe as AA/Black/Negro people we have to stop taking responsibility for EVERYTHING that shows up in the media. We also have to realize this behavior is not occurring in our communities. There are ratchet (I hate that term) people in every race of people. Caucasians, hispanics, latinos, Italians, etc have folks they are not proud of. Have you watched an episode of Jersey Shore?

    1. I did say what started the fight, it was the spilled cup of juice that started the argument that started the fight. I’m not signaling us our or to make us look bad, but incidents like these tend to paint us all in a negative light. I wasn’t searching for a negative article about our people and I am fully aware the other nationalities have people they are not proud of either. This was just something that I came across and wanted to give my two pennies about. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Lmao I’m with you Stevie J all the way….

    Its sad that the kids can’t even enjoy their special day

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