U Mad??

Tell them Ninjas why u mad son!
Tell them Ninjas why u mad son!
One of my favorite skits on any album of any genre are the Madd Rapper and his brother the Madd Producer skits, which could be found on early Bad Boy albums. I’m serious, these skits allow a notorious player hater and brother to vent and to get some shit off of their chests even if there rants were about more successful rappers and producers you gotta love them for speaking their minds.

So these skits got me to thinking: what people, places or things am I madd about, maybe even secretly hating on? So here are a couple of things that just get my goat as my( grandaddy use to say). I wrote a song about it, like to hear it, here it goes.

People talking during a movie.

Seriously, while you are talking and asking me questions you are missing the dialogue and will eventually ask me what did you just miss.

Men that wear skinny jeans

I understand that people have gotten tired of seeing men with their boxers hanging out because their jeans were sagging so low, but are skinny jeans really the answer? Has this generation of men become so soft that they think it’s cool to shop from the same jeans section as their woman (assuming they have a woman).

People standing on both sides of the escalator.

I don’t understand how they don’t know the first rule of riding an escalator: Stand to the right or walk to the left. These people show no regard for the fact they are holding up people who are behind them and need to be shot on sight.

Traffic camera’s.

Now IMO traffic camera’s are no better than a get rich scheme, especially here in the DC area where 2011’s gross revenue was $55.14 million because of traffic camera fines. You can pass an intersection on Monday, a traffic camera will be put up on Wednesday without warning and you’ll get a ticket on Thursday.

LeBron James’s hairline.

For some reason LeBron’s hair-line has beef with the front of his head and that it seems to cower from it.

Any rapper with “Lil” or “Big” in his/her name.

Anybody that makes more money than me.

Self explanatory

Facial tattoos

Just how “through” with life do you have to be? If you make the conscious decision to get a tattoo on your face you are basically saying I forfeit any chance to get a real job, to not be looked at with fear from little old white ladies or to be looked at like a normal human being.

Working on a holiday

Do I really need to go into detail?

Well these are just a few things that make me mad and makes me want to slap Roscoe Dash and his tone def ass.

So what makes you mad? And please don’t back.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Narrator.

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