So You Want To Be Rap Star?

I know I had no business picking up a mic, but I lost a bet.
I know I had no business picking up a mic, but I lost a bet.
As if the rap game isn’t already over populated, you can now add a recent Division I Football de-committee. That’s right, Jay Harris (whose rap name is Jay DatBull) had a scholarship with a full ride to play football for Michigan State, until he decided football wasn’t in his heart anymore and to pursue his true love, rap. Oh and he’s released a video.

Obviously it’s too early to say whether Harris has made a good or a bad decision, but I can honestly tell you, the fact that he turned down a full ride with a possibility (no matter how small or how great) to play professional football someday, to make a song sounding like an educated Chief Keef (Which is kind of like being the smart Kardishian) makes as much sense as Usher not marrying Chili but marrying Tom, I mean Tameka (you know she has man-like features).

Harris isn’t the first rapper to choose rap over a college education. Will Smith, whose SAT scores were good enough for MIT, even though he had no intention of going to college, also did it, so it can be done. But to say that Harris is the next Fresh Prince, is like saying Nene has talent; while it may be true, it has yet to be seen.

Now I’m all for believing in and being true to yourself while not being discouraged by the naysayers. But having said that, there is such a thing as suffering from high-self esteem, like Kanye West wearing one of Envogue’s old leather skirts and thinking that shit is cool, you start believing the voices in your own head.

I’m not judging the homie. It’s his life and he doesn’t have to live for me, but the decision to forego an easier path for one that’s as treacherous as R. Kelly chaperoning a Girl Scout outing (I’d advise against it), has me wondering whether he ate paint chips or was dropped on his head as a child.

I do wish him luck in his chosen profession and I hope he has a long career. I also hope that he has sense enough to have something to fall back on “just in case.” If not, I’m sure Yung Jeezy is always hiring a weed carrier.

What do you think? Did he make a good decision? Do you think he’ll be a success?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Narrator.

6 thoughts on “So You Want To Be Rap Star?

  1. Unless champ already had a movement in motion then MAYBE, but to just leave a clear path to a goal that most men in his position only dream of, isn’t smart to me. As an emcee myself, I found, and this is just me, but I found that this rap shit is something you do daily with or without any extra curricular activities. So to do both isn’t unheard of. Will Smith clearly had a path mapped out for himself, having Jazzy Jeff as a DJ helped a whole hell of a lot as well, but he went from Music, TV then Movies. This guy? I don’t know…I wish him the best of luck. I mean, how bad can he do, if you got 50 Tyson and Eli Porter getting love? Why not Jay Datbull? Hopefully, he’s not off Dat Bull….badoom tiss….

    1. I agree. Rap to me is like gang banging, it’s a full time job, you always have to be on your grind and constantly have your head on a swivel. As far as Will Smith, even though I didn’t know him before he became the Fresh Prince and I’m going off what I know of him now. I think that he could have been successful in anything that he chose to do. Will seems like methodical person to me that goes into any situation fully informed and after weaight the pros and cons. That’s not to say that Jay Datbull isn’t the same way, but to quit something that will give you security to try your hand at something less secure and to do it like everybody else, haves me scratching my head.

  2. Buddy could have been on that scholarship ride and worked on his delivery and flow in college. He would have more life experience to talk about than just smoking weed and hanging with his boys. I wish him well but that I believe he is listening to the voices in his head.

    1. I to think he could have done both, youtube is full of college students that make videos of them rapping. So it is possible, but I wonder if he would have been able to past the first drug test of the school year. I seriously doubt that the first time he smoked weed was in his video. Whatever he does, I wish him well, I just hope he doesn’t try to be a tough guy and a gangsta in his lyrics.

  3. You had some great lines in this piece. This dude made a decision that reflects the mindset of a middle school or high school student. You don’t leave a doubly good thing, a high quality college education and the chance at playing in the NFL because of the college he was at, to go pursue a rap career, especially when it’s ostensible that he doesn’t have any rap talent whatsoever. This is actually sad. Another brother making a poor decision that can potentially plague him for the rest of his life.

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