Don’t Judge Me.

You know, you want to look at that all gold everything.
You know, you want to look at that all gold everything.
We all have those things that we like, that we hope no one finds out about. Those things that might make others cringe if they knew we liked. For example for all you natural sistahs busting it wide open to Bands A make her dance, looking like pro-black strippers, we won’t judge you. Or all you so called “real” hip hop fans bobbing your heads to all gold everything while cursing the ghost of Gucci Mane’s midwife (you know Gucci looking like he’s 6 months pregnant), get a pass too.

So after much consideration I started thinking about some things that I liked even if being met with the side eye. I present to you some of Breazy’s guilty pleasures that I have no problem admitting – not that there’s anything wrong with them – and since you all know that I can make lists and count to 10, I decided to guess what? Make a list. Like to hear it? Hear it goes.


I know I mentioned my fondness for potpourri in another post, but I don’t think that you all are peeping game. My mother has always had bags and bowls of potpourri around our houses, whether we lived in Denver, Europe, Hawaii or the ATL, and I always liked the way it smelled. Up until my 23rd birthday, I thought all houses smelled liked potpourri.

Ratchet rap.

I have a hard time calling what’s being played on the radio these days hip hop, but being an avid fan of West Coast hip hop fan I am just happy that the Left Coast is getting any attention. What is Ratchet music you ask? It’s the newest party music coming from the West Coast and comes equiped with it’s own slang. Words like “turn up” or function can usually be heard in ratchet songs. Thanks to artists like Tyga, Problem and even established artists such as E-40 have all adapted the sound of ratchetness. That’s right, all the hoodrats with 3 different textured weaves in their hair have their own soundtrack.

Hole in the walls.

Everybody knows that the best places to get the strongest drinks for the cheapest prices are neighborhood bars that turn into clubs after 9:00. places where the dress code consists of gold teeth, air force ones, coogi sweaters and white tees ( for my southern folks).


I’m sorry this dude has reinvented himself into a genius. While he isn’t known for his lyricism, his videos should win awards for the visuals, not to mention his videos sound better with the sound off.

Master P

That’s right you read correctly, Master P. You can say what you want, and a lot of my born and bred East Coast homies have all blamed the decline of hip hop on Master P, and all but called him the devil, but give me another person who had a better run from 96-99 in hip hop.

Trinidad James’s All Gold Everything song and video

Let me start by saying this I hate this song and everything Trinidad James stands for, but let me tell you because of people like him, I am glad that I went to college. Am I judging? HELL YES! I may have a year and a half left, but I’m glad that I can put together complete sentences without sweating from popping’ a molly.

Los Angeles Lakers

Yes I know I am behind enemy lines living on the East Coast with all these East Coast biased snobs, but I will rep for my team until the cows come home, or at least until we raise the next championship banner.

Well that’s all the guilty pleasures that I can think of right now, what are some of yours?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


23 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me.

  1. Lol! I like this. We all have some guilty pleasures. One of my guilty pleasures, and I know this will sound strange, is to go to old book shops and university libraries and buy or checkout old books to smell this characteristic scent the pages and book covers have. Lol! I know; it’s strange.

      1. OMG.. I loved the Sweet Valley High/Twin book series. I couldn’t wait til the Book Mobile came to our neighbor every Thursday…

    1. I love the smell of library books. I never thought of it as a guilty pleasure though. Humm…. Good one.

      1. Now while I have reluctantly switched over to the Kindle, there is nothing like the smell or the touch of a good book. I can remember just going to the library staking out a corner and reading the whole day.. I’m a speed reader so I can read good two or three books in one setting.. I LOVE BOOKS… and good stories.

  2. My guilty pleasure is that I love love love love love.. did I say.. I love the old Walt Disney classics and I will cut a kid if he/she tries to get me for my DVDS.. I got that Snow White, Jungle Book, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, Fox and the Hound, Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty, the Secrets of Nimph and several others…

    1. My mom turned us on to the Secret of Nimh.. we use to watch it yearly like you would the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

  3. T. Branch’s #1 Guilty Pleasure here: Dance Movies. I’m talking You Got Served, Save the Last Dance, Step Up 1-18, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, that joint with Richard Gere learning to dance, and I’m sure there’s a few others I’m missing. The strange thing is that I hate the reality dance shows. What’s up with that?

      1. Awww damn, I forgot Dance With Me with V. Williams. I love that movie….Chayenne is all I’ll say about that.

    1. Did I say I love movies too.. I was just telling my mom that I needed to watch Dirty Dancing.. BABBBBY.. ooohhhh BABBYY.. you’re the one… (my niece was like ummm what is Dirty Dancing- the youth today.. lawd be a fence)

      1. I like a movie that came out in I think 87-88 that starred Grefory HInes (R.I.P.) and Melvin Van Peeples, where Gregory was a thief and a tap dancer. I cn’t remember the name of it but that was my movie also.

      2. It’s funny you say the youth of today not kowing about Dirty Dancing when they make their own versions of it daily, in the form of twerk videos on Youtube.

  4. Lastly.. and I’m not gonna post no more.. but I just wanted to say that I absolutely HATE.. HATE.. ummm yeh HATE Trinidad James. ok. carry on.

  5. Honorable mentions: BET Uncut, “Video Vixens”, Strip Clubs, Egg Nog, Kobe Bryant. For some reason I like to pick at my scars, gross I know, but I can’t help it.

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