Random Act Of Breazyness.

Funny, I never took your for a reader.  Interesting.
Funny, I never took your for a reader. Interesting.
You know aside from being “The Most Interesting Blogger In The World (I only drink Rum) and awesome, I’m really just a regular guy that likes to do regular guy shit. You know thing like rescuing cats from trees, smacking the shit out of supposed straight men wearing skinny jeans, drink Olde English and hang with the fellas.

So to take a break from all the ground breaking posting that I am known for I wanted to share with you a few fun facts about me and the things I like to do when I am relaxing. So have a seat, kick your feet up, relax and get your popcorn ready, here are 5 random acts of Breazyness

1. I’m sexy.

Sometimes it amazes me just how sexy I am. If I could I’d kiss myself daily. After I hop up out the bed and turn my swag on I look in the mirror and asks who is the sexiest of them all and my mirror says you. Conceded bastard. True. Now I know how Prince must feel but without all the purple smoke, ass out jeans and 6 inch heels and shit.

2. I’m a reader.

I love to read, I am currently reading the third book (A Storm of Swords) in the Game of Thrones series. While growing up in Denver I use to go to the library a couple times a week to check out books, without my parents having to tell me to do so. I use to read everything from Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys to Choose Your own Adventure. Of course when I left Denver and moved to Hawaii my reading decreased my a thousand fold. It’s hard being a bookworm with all the tropical ass walking around tropical weather making it easier for you to be more active outside rather than being cooped up in the house during the winter months. But since I’ve been an adult I started back being an avid reader

3. I know how to swim.

Who said black people don’t swim? I’ve been basically swimming all my life

4. I know how to ski.

After telling people (i.e. blacks) that I’m from Denver the second question I get is did I ever ski, or do I know how to ski, the first being “are there black people in Denver? My father and I use to take skiing trips when I was in middle school, and the Lutheran school I attended for one year (you see how well I turned out) took 4 ski trips a year.

5. I’m a bowler.

Basketball is my favorite sport to play and to watch since I actually played the game, It’s always stuck with me. But in a not so distant second I would have to say bowling is my other favorite sport. I don’t bowl as much I would like and the last time I did bowl my score decreased each game we played ( a couple pitchers of Stella Artois will do that) I still enjoy it. Maybe I’ll look into joining a league this summer.

So that’s it, hopefully you’ve learned that I’m a regular and down to earth cat, who likes the simple things in life. What are some of “regular” things you like to do when you are at home or relaxing.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Hutt aka Slew Footed Slim.

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