Winter Is Coming!

Game-of-Thrones-Season-3-Tyrion-Poster[1]The Season three of Games has started, and I am a huge fan, IMO it’s the best thing on TV. I have all the books and have watched season’s one and two countless times. I started reading book three “A Storm of Swords” a week ago and true to Hollywood form the story line and events from the book differ a little from season three so far, but is still worth reading. After watching the season three premiere I can tell that this season is sure to leave jaws dropped.

After reading the first two books and watching the first two seasons, I’ve grown to like and hate a few of the characters, here are a few of my favorites character from both the first two books and seasons one and two.

Ned Stark.

The Lord of Winterville who died in the first book and season 1, was firm but fair with a heart the size of Precious, whose unwavering loyalty and unwillingness to play in the mud with his adversaries caused his downfall and death. But despite Lord Stark’s nativity he always lived by a code of honor like his life depended on it.

Araya Stark.

A tomboy who would rather train to learn how to sword fight than be a proper lady that sings songs and knits. Araya is mischievous, brave and unflinching, she takes after her father in the sense of not backing down. The polar opposite of her oldest sister who his more daintily, Araya has a thirst for knowledge and dreams of being a heroine one day.

Tyrion Lanaster

The imp as he is called because of his dwarf stature, the red-headed step child of the Lannister family and the youngest of the three children. Tyrion is a whoring, wine drinker who has a penchant for ladies of the night. The smartest and most compassionate of his siblings seems to get blamed for everything from the death of their mother (She died while giving birth to him) to actually caring about the common people. Tyrion truly loves is family despite not receiving the same in return and all he did in season two was try to save the capitol city from drowning thanks to the king, his nephew and form a defense of the city while being under attack.

Jon Snow.

Ned Stark’s bastard son, (children born out of wedlock were given one of two last names, bastards from the North were given the name Snow). All Jon wants is to be accepted and the opportunity to prove himself all the while his step mother hates him for being born. To do this Jon chooses to serve on the wall as a Brother of the Night’s Watch where the Starks have served for a thousand of years where he tries to prove himself to be something more than just a bastard.

Lord Varys.

So far we have a dwarf and now an eunuch. I don’t know how he does it but Lord Varys seems to have eyes and ears everywhere in Kings Landing. The “Master of Whisperers” whose only allegiance is to the throne (no matter who the king is)seems to not only know things before they happen but he seems to knows what others are thinking.

Like I said these are just a few of my favorite characters from the series and the books, I could include more but that would make this post hella long. Are you as big of a fan of the books and series as I am, if so who are some of your favorite characters and why?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


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