Wanna Be A Baller?

th[7]For all my sports fans I’m sure you are aware that April 25th is the NFL draft and if you are a fan of any particular team I’m sure you are wondering who your team is going to draft. April 25th starts the first day of the draft which goes through April 27th, the goal of any collegiate player that has declared for the draft is to be drafted in the first two day’s and higher rounds especially the first day where those that are picked have a chance had a higher salary and better recognition.

Now one thing about the NFL draft unlike say the NBA draft their are a lot of diamonds in the rough type of picks that can be found in the later days and rounds, one player that comes to mind is one of my all time players Terrell Davis who just happened to be drafted by my hometown Denver Broncos in the sixth round (196th pick overall) of the 1995 NFL Draft. Also teams like the New England Patriots seems to always find those hidden gems in the later rounds of the draft.

With the NFL draft comes the commentary by the talking heads at Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports, ESPN and any person with a lap top and a blog that think he/she is an expert. You will also hear dozens of cliché’s from so-so player has upside, intangibles to just wins. You will also hear about some players off the field issues and physical shortcomings that may have caused their draft stock to fall i.e. Manti Te’o.

One cliché you are sure to hear thousands of times during the weekend is how certain players are athletic which sounds like a good thing but actually irks the shit out of me.

The reason why the cliché of all sports cliché’s irks me is because “athletic” is usually made by some commentator that was a bit college player that was drafted in the later rounds of the draft and had a forgettable NFL career and flamed out and now wants to use their “expertise” to judge talent. To say that someone is athletic is like someone describing an ugly person has nice, of course he/she is nice but what do they look like? Of course the person that has the opportunity to be drafted is athletic, you have to be athletic to play the sport, but just because someone is athletic doesn’t mean that person is a player who can either go one to be an all time great or contribute to the team that drafts him. Their have been a lot of draft warriors and people that displayed their athletic ability only to flame out within 3-4 years.

Really IMO some of them are just player haters (pun intended) that want to be over critical of the new crop of talent that has the potential to be better than they ever were. Like I said every player in the draft has some level of athleticism or else they would never have made any team from pop warner on up to the college level. If you look at the NFL through out it’s history you will find a lot players like Jerry Rice, Terrell Davis and Tom Brady that may not have been the faterst, biggest or strongest but found ways to wi,n some of them are even in the Hall of Fame.

Even in other sports you can find those that may not have been the ideal athlete but went on to have great careers, just look at Larry Bird from the NBA, Larry Legend is the perfect example of someone that had just enough athletic ability to play basketball but wouldn’t wow you with his speed, or strength. But what he lacked in sheer athleticism he made up for with a killer instinct, hard work and determination and if nothing else could shoot the lights out in any arena on any given night.

I know all of this may seem like sports nerd talk to those that aren’t as interested in sports as I am and truth be told it probably is but I am passionate when it comes to football and my hometown Denver Broncos (that’s right their are blacks that live and are from Denver) and I hope that the Broncos choose wisely because just like most teams depending on how the draft plays out can make or break the teams future.

Are you interested in this year’s draft, is their a player or position that you hope your team drafts? Do you have a team that you root for, if so who is it?

Talk to me, I’ll back.

Breazy “Fat Laces” Taylor.


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