Last Of The Mohicans (I Will Not Lose)

Leave it to Hollywood to pick Tom Cruise to play an Indian.
Leave it to Hollywood to pick Tom Cruise to play an Indian.
So, two weeks ago I was sent for, and for those that are up on Mafia movies, then you know what that means. I was sent for by my boss’s boss, who e-mailed me to ask me to come to her office when I had the chance. Upon receiving the e-mail, I immediately thought that I need to start packing my shit and be prepared to agitate the gravel. Well, when I walked into her office, she told me to have a seat and close the door. Again I started thinking about what I was going to pack up and what I was gong to leave; but to my surprise I was told that my supervisor was let go o_O, uhh he and I were just joking and laughing before I went to lunch, and now I’m being told that he is fired.

Well, at this time I started looking around for a camera crew and Ashton Kutcher to hop out and say that I had been punk’d and that I was the one that was fired but that didn’t happen. She then proceeds to tell me not to worry, that my job was safe and that she was going to be leaning on me heavily and picking my brain, especially for the first few weeks as we transition into a new way of doing things.

To give you a little background, we (facilities) were a five person department, including the office manager and the receptionist, and there was my boss the facilities manager, another guy, and myself. My co-worker was fired back in September, leaving my old boss and myself, the office manager and the receptionist. Now that my boss is gone, I am the last of the Mohicans in the facilities department; so for her to say that my job is safe is kind of reassuring since I am the only person left.

Since I am the only person left (and there is no one else to fire), I am doing three people’s job, of course without the boost in fetti, scratch, paper, moola, duckets, whatever you want to call – at least not yet.

Since I am the son of a military man, I look at my situation as an opportunity. Rather than complain about the increase in workload or about my pay (again for right now), I decided to look at the position I,m in to not only improve and prove myself and make it difficult for them to not promote me. But in the event I am not promoted and I decide to move on (I’m going to see how the first few weeks go), I would have left after proving myself to be not just a valuable employee but someone who doesn’t back down and won’t let any distractions get me off my game.

So now that it’s all on me, the office manager/my new boss has pulled me to the side every other day to thank me for my knowledge, know how, cooperation and input. While this may be a compliment to some, I am taken aback a little bit because I wonder what did she think was going to happen. Did she think that the boat would sink or that we would fail? I had to reassure her that not only would we continue, but we will get better because I won’t let us fail. In other words one less monkey does not stop the show.

I can say that in such a short time, that I have changed, from being the cool laid back person to being (I think) managerial. Instead of me getting along to go along, I am giving my input on the way things should be done and how I like things to be and to my surprise my new boss is all ears and takes what I have to say seriously and doesn’t do anything without checking with me first. I just hope that (assuming I haven’t found another position) when the time comes to talk salary and promotion, that it won’t go unnoticed.

So that’s what’s going on with me, and while it’s not the ideal situation, I am not only making it work, but owning it and succeeding. Who knew the fork in the road wasn’t as perilous as it’s made out? Have you ever come to a crossroads in either your personal, professional or spiritual life?? If so how did you handle it and did it make you better?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy the Narrator.

3 thoughts on “Last Of The Mohicans (I Will Not Lose)

  1. I’m late in reading this, but congrats (I guess?). I like your outlook on seeing the opportunity in the situation, and not seeing is as extra work and stress. If you maintain with that outlook, you’ll go far in this world.

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