What Had Happened Wuz.

I'm ready for my closeup.
I’m ready for my closeup.
Happy Friday to all, I hope that your week has gone well, mine has been crazier than Waka Flocka taking an IQ test, but we all made it.

So, apparently news stations around the country fear articulate black commentary instead choosing the more colorful and comical yet stereotypical take on the story at hand. In the vein of Antoine Dodson, more recently Sweet Bwrown and now Michelle Clark is further proof that news stations have beef with articulate blacks.

Michelle Brown was the on the scene go to person when she described just how crazy a hail storm was that took place in Brookshire, Texas two days ago, also giving birth to what is sure to be the new catch phrase “Kapooyow!” that is sure to take the internet by storm. Michelle had this to say about the hail storm “Man, them jokers was big!,” describing the hail as “Size of a quarter, doggone!”

Now reading what she said really gives it no justice. Watch the clip below and have a laugh, but know that there is nothing wrong with the Antoine Dodson’s, Sweet Brown’s and Michelle Clark’s of the world since they are just being there natural selves, the world is filled with all types; but news stations sure do know how to pick em, don’t they? I mean you couldn’t find more insightful views unless you asked Trinidad James what are his geopolitical views.

So what do you think? Do you think that Micelle Clark will become the newest internet sensation?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back


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