Hotttest MC’S In The Game.

mtv-hottest-mcs-in-the-game[1]I’m sure by now you’ve heard about MTV’s 2013 Hottest MC’s list and the controversy that followed. For a list that nobody cares about, everyone seems to be talking about it. Whether or not you agree with MTV is irrelevant, since there really isn’t such a thing as the hottest rapper, because it all depends on one’s taste and opinion.

Having said that, I took it upon myself to make my own 2013 Hottest MC’s list with an emphasis on emeceeing. Some of the MC’s that I chose may not be household names or get radio play nation wide like Future or Meek Millz. Hell, they may not even have the sales that those two or others that dominate the radio and clubs have, but for me, radio spins and album sales do not an emcee make.

These are the metrics that I udsed to determined who my hottest MC’s are:


So without further ado, here is Breazy’s hottest MC’s in the game for 2013 list:

10. Cassidy.

People seemed to have forgotten that Barry Anderson had/has bars for days, but thanks to Meek Millz I don’t think that mistake will be made again.

9. Big K.R.I.T

The new mouth from the South is the thinking man’s emcee that can goe from being a player to introspective with ease but still do it lyrically.

8. Tech N9ne.

Even at 40 years old Tech the oldest MC on this list is the Tasmania Devil of rap mixed with Alfred Hitchcock. With a flair for the strange and his psychotic double time lyrics you never know what may come out of Nina’s mouth next.

7. J. Cole.

While. J. Cole may not have the outgoing personality of other emcees he more than makes up for it with his lyrics He’s a triple threat as a producer, an emcee and an admitted college graduate (no 2Chainz) Cole is the total package.

6. Pusha T.

As one half on The Clipse Pusha has been spitting coke-rap for over a decade and while he is one dimensional he does it with slick metaphors and bars. After stealing the show on this past summer’s forgettable Cruel Summer album with and his latest Wrath of Caine mix tape Pusha hasn’t lost a step.

5. Joe Budden.

For someone who has the makings of being an all time great Joey doesn’t seem to get the respect of other lyricists. Maybe because he’s too emotional and pours all of his thoughts and emotions on twitter, whatever the case maybe if you go by lyrics you will see that Joe is a top 20 emcee all time.

4. Fashawn.

Out of Central California Fashawn along with Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar are ushering a new era of West Coast lyricism.

3. Crooked I.

Who said gangsta rappers can’t be lyrical? Despite Crooked’s gangsta stance the dude blacks out on every song the hed does and he isn’t limited to gangsta rap.

2. Ab-Soul.

Another thinking man’s rapper, never content with just any answer you can hear him question everything in his search for the truth lyrics.

1. Kendrick Lamar.

The king of the new Compton is sitting on top of the world and can’t do no wrong. Whether it was his classic major label debut album or stealing the show on every guest appearance he is the hottest right now.

So there you have it Breazy’s Hottest MC’s in the game for 2013, please feel free to agree or disagree, I welcome the debate.

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Narrator.


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