Why You Wanna Playa Hate On Me?

How are you going to hate from the balcony?
How are you going to hate from the balcony?
I reached a conclusion along time ago that deals with how women and men view each other upon meeting them for the first time. Basically the conclusion that I reached is women and men are haters when it comes to other women and men, women more so than men.

I don’t have time to pull out the pie charts, graphs, scientific data and shit to back up my claim but trust research was done. Women for some reason hate on other women at the drop of a dime for no other reason because it’s Tuesday sometimes at least until they get to know them.

Ladies how many times have you been out a social function and another possible more attractive woman walks into the room or might even have on an outfit that you may not wear yourself and the first thing that you said was, “I bet that bitch thinks she’s cute”, “or the nerve of this bitch wearing white after labor day”. I swear women love calling other women bitches more than men do. Be honest, you know you said it, you probably just lost count of how many times.

This perplexes the shit out of me to the height of perplexity, what would possess a woman to say that about another woman that she doesn’t even know? And why would that thought of all thoughts would pop into the her mind is beyond me. Why does she have to be a bitch, and why can’t she think she cute? I’m pretty sure she picked that outfit or fixed herself up the way that she did just so that she could look cute and attract men or women depending on her sexual orientation, what’s so wrong with that? And what’s wrong with wearing white after labor day? If that’s what a grown person wants to do, let them live

Now that’s not to say that us men folk don’t hate on other men, we just do it a little more subtle than women, we’ll give another man a backhanded compliment while stabbing him in his hand with a 5 ft sword we’ll say I never liked you anyway pretty motherf*cker. You see how we complimented him?. But for reals when another man who walks into a room and seems to take over all the female attention we’ll say something like “that n*gga cool and all but I have more money or he can’t whoop my ass.

Me being the 6’2 curly-haired tall drink of water that I am have been on the receiving end of the hate unless there was or someone who made more money than me in the same space as me that’s when all bets are off. For example I can’t see why some women find drake attractive between the tetris block eyebrows and the fact he sounds like Keith Sweat before puberty but with the begging I just can’t see it.

But back to the lecture at hand I believe women are just naturally born haters when it comes to other women I don’t know maybe they would melt if they gave another woman a compliment. In the words of Clayton Bigsby open up your heart and let that hate out.

Be honest ladies have you ever hated on another woman for no real reason and if so why? Do you think that I am being biased or even sexist?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.


3 thoughts on “Why You Wanna Playa Hate On Me?

  1. I’ve seen it too. It’s in the workplace, the restaurant, and in the neighborhood. I’ve worked for plenty of women throughout my life; working for 4 now (wife and 3 daughters) and to a woman, they hate on other women like it’s their duty. Most women I know simply hate working for another woman or say things like “most of my friends are guys because I’m more comfortable around them”. Why is that? Is it because being the only woman in a group of men gives you the attention you crave or is it really about how petty women are about each other?

    From my POV, women don’t want any attention taken away from them. Yes, ladies…all of you are narcissists….ALL of you. ALL of you are beautiful, ALL of you are unique and ALL of you hate when a tiny shred of attention veers from you to another woman especially when you spend all that time making yourself up. If you feel that insecure then own up to it.

    Breezy is right, when a guy walks into a room and the ladies give him their attention, we just think he’s cool, rich, smooth, or all the above. I’m sure I’ve heard a negative comment or 2 over the years about a dude like that but guys respect when another guy can draw women in just by showing up. Some of us introduce ourselves and make fast friends. I’ve done it and not ashamed to admit it.

    Attitude. I don’t get it. Are friendships between women tight until they step out? I can understand if there is a reason to dislike someone, she got promoted when she shouldn’t have, she’s mean to others, she’s too arrogant for her own good or something else. What I don’t get is the pettiness. If you think you need to disrespect someone just because of what they’re wearing or that they even showed up to an event or the club, you need to figure out why you’re hating for no reason. Leave that shit on the playground where it belongs.

    We have all heard that women mature faster than men, it’s true. But when I witness this kind of shit when I’m out, it casts doubt on all those studies and the grant money wasted on them.

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