Skys The Limit

"Stay Far From Timid, Only Make Moves When Ya Heart's In IT, And Live The Phrase Sky's The Limit"
“Stay Far From Timid, Only Make Moves When Ya Heart’s In It, And Live The Phrase Sky’s The Limit.”
So we can file this under if “he can do it, why can’t I”? Caleb Smith a High School Wrestler from St. Paul Minnesota who lost both arms and legs, won his first wrestling bout recently.

Smith lost his limbs after he contracted a rare meningitis blood disorder at the age of 3 that caused his blood vessels to burn. Due to his illness, Smith’s parents chose to make the difficult decision to have their son’s arms and legs removed at the joints.

“I was 3, so I hadn’t developed writing and walking skills completely, so it was pretty easy getting used to it, Smith said of his experience.

In the fifth grade Smith started to dabble in wrestling, and because of his positive attitude Smith took part in his first match.

Despite the fact that Smith checks in at slight 120 lbs and gets winded quicker than his opponents he overcame both drawbacks by tirelessly training so that he can overcome wrestling’s physical challenges. “For them to run 10 yards or whatever, it takes them like 20 steps,” he said. “But it takes me like 30 because my legs can only move so far,” he told CBS Minnesota.

The fact that Smith was not only able to win a bout but was able to dedicate himself to train throughout the years so that he could compete in the sport that he loves should be inspiring to all us. Smith also is determined to be captain of his wrestling team next year.

How many of us that have the physical and mental capabilities to reach our goals or to get things done, allow ourselves to be distracted by trivial things, half-ass do things or quit altogether?

We use excuse after excuse as to why things aren’t done from I’m tired, I’ll do it later, to if my co-workers aren’t giving 100%, why should I? We sit around talking about what we want or what we hope to accomplish as if talking about it is going to make things happen, but yet don’t follow through for whatever the reason may be. We have a million and one reasons why we can’t but don’t have reasons as to why we should.

Here is a young man who had every opportunity along with the physical limitations to quit, to blame his circumstances on his lost of limbs and to be content with being a victim, but due to the love and support of his family and his positive attitude and perseverance he decided to not let his limits get the best of him.

To say that we don’t have the same will and tenacity as Caleb would be a lie since it’s inside all of us, the problem is we don’t (not can’t) but don’t tap into it. Maybe we are to lazy, talk a good game because it sounds good or to content with where we are in life and actually trying and doing more takes us out of our comfort zone. Whatever the case may be just remember there is someone out there that is worse off (to us) than you that goes the extra mile not because they have to but because they want to, just think what if that person didn’t have any pressing limitations.

So how about it, are you like me in regards to talking about it but needs to work on being about it? If so how do plan on correcting it and overcoming it?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back

Breazy “don’t call me Johnny” Taylor.

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